Between the forbidden and the desire

Is the serious bank employee wearing women's underwear; is the boss so unrelaxed today because he has had to wear a chastity cage for weeks? - Many of these secrets will probably remain undiscovered. But what drives these people?

Put simply, there are three possibilities that drive these mostly male secret-keepers to do something so unusual and usually not very socially accepted.

Hidden Passions: The Thrilling Kick of the Forbidden and the Art of Secrecy

The first possibility is the attraction of doing something "forbidden" while remaining undetected. In this case, of course, it's not something legally questionable, but something that strongly deviates from social norms and role models. The thrill lasts at least as long as the garment or object is worn concealed. The wearer observes his surroundings as closely and inconspicuously as possible to see if anyone might have noticed something. Appearing sovereign and natural in the process is existential and a great physical and mental challenge. Every drop of sweat on the forehead, every careless movement can be treacherous.

Pleasurable manipulation: When the mistress masterfully masters the game of seduction

The second option is very similar to the first. In this case, however, it is not the slave's own decision to wear something unusual under his clothes, but it is the mistress who puts the slave in this position and is deliciously amused by it. This is exactly what the unfortunate knows and not infrequently he acknowledges it with violent excitement. Such a working day can be quite long and horny.

Fetish for the senses: The special attraction of the material

The third group are the fetishists who simply enjoy feeling their fetish material. They wear suspenders, pantyhose, lingerie or whatever and enjoy the feeling on their skin. Here, it's less about the thrill of the forbidden and more about the material itself.

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