About Amalie von Stein

I am the escort dominatrix and fetish mistress you have always longed for!

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Escort Dominatrix

Are you a real gentleman in search of the extraordinary? I am the seductive, dominant companion with whom you can perfectly put yourself in the scene.


Would you like to serve a stunning high class dominatrix devotedly? I am the classic dominatrix with whom you can experience imaginative and unique BDSM sessions.

Fetish & Glamour Model

Are you looking for a professional fetish model for your next photo shoot? As a model I offer professionalism, reliability and perfect poses in front of the camera.

Amalie von Stein is a classic dominatrix with strict rules.

I am a sadistic, dominant and stunning BDSM dominatrix and escort lady who knows her craft.

Amalie von Stein - elitist, sadistic and dominant

I am a classic dominatrix and fetish artist. I love to play with my slaves and lead them to their limits with passion and insistence.

As a dominatrix and clinician I love the lustful power imbalance between mistress and slave. I enjoy my BDSM session of dominance, submission and lustful surrender. You will feel this authenticity with every fiber of your body and thank me for it on your knees.

Devote und extreme Sklavinnen und Sklaven sind bei mir gleichermaßen gut aufgehoben wie BDSM-Neulinge. Solange Du meine Regeln befolgst, brauchst Du keine Angst zu haben 😉

Femdom practices
A small excerpt of my BDSM preferences, practices and fetishes:

  • Black: The classic BDSM game of dominance & submission.

  • White: Clinic games, a sterile and white eroticism

  • Latex Fetish: It doesn't always have to be hard and painful

  • Dirty Games: For slaves with a preference for golden shower, scat play and spitting indulgence

  • Bondage: Experience the captivating fascination of constricting fixations

  • Body Worship: Worship of my stunning body

  • Double Femdom: submit to two strict mistresses

  • Financial Domination Your life is there to sacrifice yourself to me

  • Online-Domina: In an online session (online training) you will enjoy your fetish at your home.

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The Slave Rules of Amalie von Stein: What I Expect from you

There are a few small but important ground rules that you should follow as a slave or slave candidate.

To the slave rules
Respect & Behavior

Always behave like a submissive gentleman. Be polite, attentive and courteous. As long as you show good manners and decency, you can't really do anything wrong.


I expect absolute reliability in the execution of tasks and adherence to deadlines and agreements.


Always be honest with me. Especially during the pre and post discussions of a BDSM session. Only if you are honest with me can I steer your training in the right direction.

Body care and hygiene

I attach great importance to hygiene and body care and assume that you see it the same way. A shower, a shave and you are ready for the Sadomaso session.

Interview with Amalie von Stein

Interesting anecdotes from my exciting life as a dominatrix and also a few private insights will be granted in the following interview.
Amalie von Stein, thank you very much for your valuable time. When did you first discover dominant feelings in yourself?

That started very early. I became passionate about animal training at a very early age and loved the feeling when an animal looked at me devotedly and waited patiently for my next command. Especially the moment when the animal almost went crazy with excitement and anticipation of a dressage exercise, but still waited calmly in its place for my command, was very uplifting. This was soon joined by my enthusiasm for leather boots and dressage instruments. I still remember the first time I had a riding crop in my hand and let it whiz across my palm a few times to get a feel for what could be done with it. Dressed in riding clothes with tight leather boots and riding crop, I looked in the mirror. There suddenly stood before me the woman I wanted to be: elite, strict and strong.

Your photos are very impressive. You can feel the joy with which you put yourselves into the scene.

Thank you, that's not the first time I've heard that. I realized very early on that I was fascinated by certain items of clothing. I started filling my closet with my first pocket money. It was fascinating how you could express your mood with clothes. Even today, I love to signal to my slaves how I feel through my clothes. When I'm in the mood to dress all in leather, my slaves know what hour has struck. But that doesn't mean it's a cakewalk to satisfy me when I feel like acting out my feminine side in delicate lingerie and high heels.

Amalie von Stein, have you used your attractiveness to subdue men before?

Even as a teenager, I enjoyed making men uncomfortable. I noticed early on that my physical charisma changed men's behavior. I always rejected crude come-ons, but seeing how seasoned men tried to impress me with small attentions and gifts, or even got nervous when I looked at them or even moistened my lips, fascinated me at a young age. I didn't have to do much, and soon I was idolized. After riding lessons, when I kept my leather boots and gloves on longer than necessary, at evening events with high heels in a chic evening dress or in a breezy summer dress: there were always a few admirers trying to impress me. Soon I felt that this could only be the beginning. I loved to keep stoking the fire and feel how passion turned into devotion and men submitted to me. Today, the evolution of fashion suits me very well. It's a dream to see how designers today rack their brains to create fashion with a fetish touch. I love to go shopping here and there to discover new clothes. In the process, I like to be accompanied and pampered by selected admirers. Of course, you have to earn this privilege.

You now have some experience as a mistress and certainly already experienced a lot. Does the desire not fade at some point, if you have already experienced so many men and tried a lot of things?

On the contrary, experience in particular is something wonderful. It's like a good wine: a wine connoisseur who has already drunk many wines enjoys a new glass quite differently than a novice. Of course, one becomes more demanding, but my admirers only seem to adore me more when I know exactly what I want.

Does that mean they are more interested in very hard practices now?

No, not at all. Wine lovers don't just love wines that are particularly high in alcohol. The tension always arises when I feel that my counterpart is surrendering to my adoration. I have a slave whom I use as a footservant. When he engages in pampering my feet with the utmost attention, we enter a very special trance that enchants us both. It's just that I now know how to control the surrender even more precisely, and I have since learned what tricks he can use to feel my dominance and superiority even more deeply. I love that I can now feel the devotion of my admirers even more clearly than in my early days.

But on your website you can also find more drastic practices. Is that not a contradiction?

Not for me at all. I have always been very curious and like to give free rein to my love of experimentation. It can happen that I demand a lot from my slaves. But the measure is not how far a slave goes, but how strongly I can feel his devotion. Nothing is duller than beating a slave wildly. But it can be an incredible feeling to use the whip when there is someone who proves to me by his suffering how much he adores me and what he endures for me just to prove his devotion to me. My task is to accompany the slave on his way.

Are there any limits?

It can go very far. The attraction to push boundaries, to penetrate new dimensions, is definitely there. A slave should not be so sure with me that he knows what to expect. Most of my slaves certainly didn't know in the past how far they could go to surrender to me.

In addition to images of dominance and submission, you can also find erotic photos on your website. Do you see yourself more as an erotic model or as a mistress?

What a question! It is a typical male misconception that a lightly dressed, erotic woman is also easy to have. I am in no way an erotic model that you can book. I am a demanding, challenging mistress who loves to give clear instructions to others and to subjugate them. At the same time, I also love admirers who rack their brains about how they can spoil me. My self-determination does not end with dominatrix clichés and in the typical SM studio. I am an authentic woman who likes to put herself in the limelight and not be restricted by conventions. I enjoy presenting myself in many facets through my website. 

Your activities are not limited to a particular space. You travel a lot and are also active abroad. How did you come up with this idea and where are you actually at home?

I have always been attracted by the new, the unusual. It is very enriching to be able to gain experience in different cities and countries. Of course, I always remain me, remain dominant and love my Swabian homeland, but experiencing other people, other cultures, even in this special area, gives me a very special kick. At the same time, I enjoy building intense and long-term relationships. Staying in certain places is part of that. I get requests again and again to stay a little longer in a certain place and enjoy it very much when the encounters become longer and more intense. Then it can be that I also become more accessible privately and joint dinners, opera or museum visits are possible, where my slaves may also experience me differently once in a while. I like to be pampered and jump out of the usual time corset. Of course it remains clear that the final decision, how the slave has to behave, which pleasures are chosen, is always in my hands. The task of winning me over for a longer stay always lies with the slave. He must prove to me how much he appreciates and desires my presence. Who knows, maybe one day a slave will succeed in meeting my high demands and create the conditions for me to stay in one place to have me near him longer?

On your website you also offer fetish advice. What is that and how did you come up with the idea?

In the age of emancipation, it is finally no longer taboo for women to set the tone. This also applies to the sexual sphere. As a woman with clear ideas, however, I repeatedly meet other women who are insecure in the area of sexuality, have a guilty conscience about certain fantasies or simply want to experiment and do not know how. Sometimes, however, women come to me who notice that their husband likes to be dominated, is fixated on their feet or the like and do not quite know whether and how to deal with it. But I also get requests from women who want their man to be a bit more attentive, friendly or faithful and are looking for ways to bind their partner a bit more to them. This can then go so far that the woman determines the rules in the partnership. Here I would like to help with my experience of many years. This can take many different forms: So I can of course give courses on utensils, bondage techniques, rules of conduct, pleasure control and other SM practices, but also interpersonal advice and take away fears. This can be done by mail, phone or in person. The location is also very flexible. It is important to me that the coaching fits the respective person (and possibly their partner) and takes into account their ideas and wishes. Of course, I see that for many there is an inhibition threshold here. Through my many years of experience in the SM field, I know the importance of the word discretion.

Unusual for a mistress is also your offer of remote and online education. What can one imagine under it?

Also in this field I'm all about pushing boundaries! Digitization is permitting more and more areas of life. In the process, some people also lose themselves in online worlds. This idea is meant to appeal to people who are fascinated by these online worlds, but also long for authentic experiences. Many people would like to meet me, but can rarely or never visit me. Others can visit me, but then we find that they need more control. For example, I have slaves who are not really in control of their sexual behavior, do not exercise enough, or work too much or too little. That's where I can make a big difference online as a personal trainer. But it's also a very special thrill when I'm sitting on the train or in a café, looking at my cell phone, that someone somewhere has to put all their concentration and passion into completing a task that I've thought up for them.

Can you give an example?

Recently, I asked a slave to go shopping for me in town. With the fitness tracker on his cell phone, I was able to check exactly how long he took where and evaluate his performance at my leisure. It was very amusing to question him afterwards and punish him for unnecessary dawdling right online. There are no limits to the imagination and also to the control here...

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