Fascination Foot: An Introduction to Foot Fetishism from the Perspective of a Faithful Slave

This is an article about foot fetishism, also known as podophilia. Written with humility by my faithful servant "Bitchboy". Find out what it means to be a foot fetishist. Read all about feet and foot fetish in relation to dominance and submission!

This is an article about foot fetishism, also known as podophilia. Written with humility by my faithful servant "Bitchboy". Find out what it means to be a foot fetishist. Read all about feet and foot fetish in relation to dominance and submission!
Amalie von Stein
Amalie von Stein

From Kissing to Trampling: The Diversity of Foot Fetishism and Its Importance in BDSM Relationships

When a person has a foot fetish, it means that they are sexually attracted to the feet so much that they become the strongest arousal trigger. A slave enjoys kissing or massaging his mistress's feet, a slightly more extreme side is the pleasure of worshipping smelly feet or having trampling, footjob and foot gagging.

Another aspect of foot fetishism is that foot fetishists respect the superiority of their mistresses and acknowledge their subordinate position in the mistress-slave relationship by admiring, kissing and worshipping the lowest part of the mistress' body.

The Psychology of Power: Foot Fetishism as an Instrument of Dominance and Submission

Foot fetishism or the worship of feet in a D/s relationship is more about the psychological dominance of a mistress than the mere display of a body part. Getting physically under someone's feet is so humiliating that it is a good symbol for power dynamics.

In most power relationships, the submissive's greeting begins with kissing the mistress's feet to remind the submissive that his or her sole purpose is to please and serve the mistress. With this attitude, the submissive transcends the horizon of sexual arousal and makes his mistress the central authority for everything he thinks and does.

Mistresses can go one step further and use the foot fetish as an instrument of humiliation. They can demand that their feet are licked, they can decide to slap them with their feet, and some ask their submissives to kiss the floor they walked on before. It may be for the pleasure of the mistress or as a punishment to remind the slave of his place. In both cases, it is also a domina-centered activity in which the subordinates can feel little pleasure in this state of mind.

Foot fetishism as a key to worship in BDSM relationships

Foot fetishists in a D/s relationship do not limit themselves to their mistress's feet, but love and admire everything that has to do with those feet. For example, the mistress's shoes, her socks, her stockings, her nail polish, her pedicure, her massages and everything related to them. Therefore, many mistresses can use these things as triggers for their slaves, taking off the shoes first, then the socks, and then slowly taking off the shoes and demanding that everything related to them be worshipped first, before climaxing for foot fetishists and kissing the mistress's feet.

As mentioned before, foot fetishism has more to do with the brain or psychological traits than with the attraction of a body part. Let's try to understand what might trigger foot fetishism in some men. One researcher, Vilayanur Ramachandran, suspects that some people develop foot fetishism because the part of the brain that processes genital arousal is next to the part of the brain that processes the sensations people get from their feet. Another researcher, Dr. Justin, explains that under these circumstances, it is a learned behavior. This theory by Dr. Justin confirms that in a D/s power dynamic relationship, a submissive person develops this fetish even if they have not worn it before.

Where passion meets obedience: Your journey as a foot slave starts here

To sum up, foot fetish is one of the most important and necessary attributes in a D/s relationship. Your mistress loves to have her feet worshipped, adored, massaged, licked and cleaned. I also like to use my slaves and devotees as my stool when I am tired. I want them to worship anything that has to do with my feet, as I mentioned above. Therefore, I ask everyone who dreams of serving me in person or virtually through my website, social media or other platforms to worship my beautiful feet. I know you will never say no if I ask you to because you can't. I am the authority here and your place is under my beautiful feet.

You are submissive, like women's feet and want to become a foot slave? Your fantasies revolve only around the foot fetish? Contact me and learn how you can live out your fetish as a foot slave with me.

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