The dominatrix speaks plainly: The struggle with time wasters, keyboard wankers and narcissists

These lines are addressed to the countless time wasters, keyboard wankers and narcissists who act like assholes, only cost time and cause problems!

It's wonderful when you have a blog like I do, on a +18 adult site, where you can just vent. You probably got negative attention and that's why you got exactly this link to this article from me. I give you a well-intentioned advice: Take the time and read the following lines!

  • Who do you think you're contacting?

  • What do you think a dominatrix lives on?

  • How do you think she pays her bills?

  • How do you think we buy our food?

Are you really so brainwashed that you think I'm going to strut through the supermarket in over-the-knee boots, wielding a whip in a latex catsuit and demanding a shopping cart full of groceries?

The reality is that I have to make a living just like everyone else, namely with money! And I earn that with my work. My work is to train people and make them better beings. My day has 24 hours just like yours, and my life will end at some point just like yours. I want to enjoy every day and not have to deal with narcissists, time wasters and keyboard wankers like you!

My tolerance and acceptance threshold is constantly dropping!

I realize that I am not dealing with an intelligent person who has respect and manners, but with a little narcissist who has no brain, who cannot think for others (me!), but only sees himself.

Daily messages reach me from all over the world, we are not talking about 2 we are talking about 20 to 60+! Through all possible channels, people try to get in touch with me, Mistress Amalie von Stein. Can you imagine how much time I spend every day reading the garbage to filter out the few who are serious?

In fact, of all the requests, a maximum of 10% have learned at some point in their lives how to contact a mistress and of these in turn, there are only 3-5% who are genuine and appreciate my time. All the rest are just pathetic time wasters that get on my nerves! Little key wankers sitting at home in front of the screen wanking their little dicks while contacting dominas and hoping to be pleasured for free!

These lines are for you, you little online keyboard wanker!

By now I've reached a point where I either block people like you immediately or within 2 messages, throw you into the spam folder and send you to World Wide Web Nirvana!

If you are such a little asshole, such a key wanker and want to jerk off your tiny cock at home as long as you are in contact with me, then you will pay for my time! In this world there is nothing for free and if you need help jerking off, then you book an online appointment with me and pay up for my time!

You have no money? A stick in your leg? Your brother died? Or your aunt has no more eggs? I'll give you 50 cents, then you can call the social welfare office, they'll be happy to take care of you and listen to your worries - for free! No money, no honey!

Arrange a date

Meetings / Dates

Are you a time waster?

Guys who make appointments and then don't show up?

I've been sick of you guys for a long time! Time wasters are the guys who arrange personal meetings and then either cancel shortly beforehand or not at all. If you feel addressed now, then read on!

What is this pathetic disrespect? Do you realize that I also have to plan, that I also have to pay rent when I meet with you in a nice BDSM location? Are you aware that I have expenses, not only the contact before the session, no also the outfit or the toys that I pack especially for you. Time that I reserve for you and have to cancel other willing slaves. Do you really think that such behavior from you is okay?

Your behavior is not okay

No, that kind of behavior is not okay and that's why I have the following rules for making appointments:

  • An appointment must be made and paid for within 3 e-mails!

  • If the appointment is paid in advance, it is fixed.

  • No deposit = no appointment! *

  • After the deposit all details of the meeting can be discussed in writing or by phone.

*And no, the excuse of not having a credit card does not count! I have a wide range of options to send me the deposit discreetly or via the normal bank route. Who is serious, makes the effort in my experience and transfers the deposit without babble!

Narcissists - I, Me, My!

Are you also such a pathetic wretch who only thinks of himself? Puts the "I" in the first place? Wanting everything, but giving nothing in return? Shall I tell you something: "I don't give a damn!". Just realize that you are trying to get in touch with a dominatrix and maybe meet her. If you as a submissive get in contact with a dominatrix, then the power differential is already clear and non-negotiable. And I've seen your charm a hundred times, so save it! You are on your knees and I am far above you. I am the mistress, you are the slave and above all: It's about me! About the mistress, about what I want from you as a dominatrix. If I have the feeling that you lack respect and manners, then I will train you until you understand how to do it properly. Didn't your mother teach you manners? Holding the door for a woman, picking something up for her if it fell on the floor, carrying her bag, .... What ever happened to you wimps and where are the gentlemen who still know how to appreciate a woman and carry her on their hands?

Then there are the "I wants", i.e. "I want this" and "I want that" etc... These assholes with their high expectations who want everything but forget that service has its price. You can't want a new Porsche with all the extras and think you can put as much money on the table for it as you would for a used VW Golf with over 250,000 km! Either you pay for a Porsche, then you get a Porsche. Or you pay for an old used VW Golf, then please go where you can buy it. With me there is only high class BDSM.

I am also not an Indian bazaar where you can negotiate. I have my prices, and they are made up of various components, as in any business. Slaves who serve me regularly have advantages, of course, because I have a certain trust in them.

The vexed problem of disrespectful messages

There are many other species and weirdos among you, but I won't go into all your quirks and foibles now. For me you are just annoying mosquitoes that always buzz around you and don't let you sleep, and as soon as you've swatted them to death or blocked them, the next one is already buzzing into the mailbox!

It is precisely this annoying vermin that makes it unnecessarily difficult for me, my colleagues and the few respectful admirers of fetish art. Those countless annoying, disrespectful requests I get every day, such as "Hi"... Are you serious??? Who writes "Hi" to a dominatrix? Or: "Hi, how are you?" What's wrong with you????
I'm not your buddy from your cool buddy group and I never will be! Take your hand off your dick and use your brain before you type! Or do you think you don't have enough brains?

Even better are those who write a message at midnight "I wanted to ask what we could do", or "Do you shit in my mouth too", or "I have such an embarrassing fantasy that I want to tell you"... I could write novels with your brain fuck and shall I tell you what – NO I don't want to know anything about your head videos without a down payment, I'm not going to give you a template just so you can satisfy yourself. Who do you think you are? I think you're just a stupid mistake in history.

But one thing is for sure, I know and can tell you exactly who I am! Make the effort and inform yourself about me. Most questions will go away if you take the trouble to type "Amalie von Stein" into Google. You'll find my website, my social media presence, my appearances on radio and television.

Being a dominatrix is more: the true meaning of my work and the service I provide

I am not an unknown whore or prostitute. If you think so about women like me, you are wrong with me. I am a professional dominatrix, I run my business with conscience and success and I offer you a service that your mom or your wife can't offer you or you were too cowardly to ask them. If you choose me, I expect you to be a perfect, decent and devoted person who will have an experience you will never forget!

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