BDSM sessions in Australia: Serve Mistress Amalie von Stein as a slave Down Under from March to August 2024.

Experience the unique blend of German dominance, toughness and charm during Mistress Amalie von Stein's stay in Australia (March - August 2024).

German dominatrix Amalie von Stein is coming to Australia, promising submissive souls down under an extraordinary opportunity to experience the perfect blend of charm, toughness and German dominance. Immerse yourself in a world of devotion as Mistress Amalie rolls out her shackles in Australia for six months. Her penchant for high heels, leather and latex combined with her elegant appearance promises an experience for all the senses.

Australian fetish escort - hotel sessions, business and pleasure combined:

With an aura of elegance and dominance, Mistress Amalie von Stein will not only enchant your business partners, but will also take full control of you in intimate moments. Fetish Escort by Amalie von Stein is not only for business slaves, the submissive gentleman can also deepen his devotion in the anonymity and discretion of a hotel.

Exclusive sessions – the fusion of dominance and submission:

Experience how Amalie von Stein combines the concentrated power of dominance with the toughness of a German mistress to create unique fetish experiences in Australia. Under her stern gaze, every Aussie will explore and push the limits of their own devotion.

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Divine Worship – Shoe and Foot Fetish:

The Mistress expects nothing less than total worship of her high heels, boots and every inch of her divine presence. Immerse yourself in the world of foot worship as the Mistress leads her slaves into a frenzy of devotion. Every kiss on her boots becomes a ceremony of submission.

Guided sensory journey – from soft to hard:

Mistress Amalie von Stein has mastered the art of presenting her dominance in many different facets. From sensual Shibari bondage to hard bondage, from sensitive guidance to punishing discipline, experience a guided sensory journey that will awaken your deepest desires.

Experience the seductive aura of the German mistress Amalie von Stein during exclusive BDSM sessions in Australia, where elegance and dominance form a captivating symbiosis.

Creative role-playing: Unleash your fantasies

The German dominatrix is a master at staging creative role-play. Whether you take on the role of an obedient servant or are dominated by a confident businesswoman, your fantasies will become reality when Mistress Amalie von Stein takes over. 

Seductive Punishment – the art of pleasurable punishment:

Mistress Amalie von Stein knows the art of pleasurable punishment. From gentle spanking sessions to intense CBT sessions, her punishments are not just discipline, but a sensual journey through the highs and lows of submission.

Sensory deprivation and ecstasy – the power of control:

Experience the power of sensory deprivation as Mistress Amalie von Stein leads you into darkness and heightens your senses. From blindfolding to auditory stimulation, your ecstasy will be taken to new levels under the control of the Divine Mistress.

Specialised fetishes – unique experiences:

The German dominatrix is experienced in a variety of fetishes. Whether latex, leather, nylons or high heels - your special preferences will be celebrated by Mistress Amalie von Stein with devotion and understanding. Every fetish becomes a unique experience under her reign.

Experienced online dominatrix – discreet training in the outback:

For those who value privacy, I offer experienced online dominatrix services. Enjoy your fetish in secret and without direct physical contact somewhere in the outback. My digital domination is just as intense as my physical one.

Aussie, obedience starts with one click!

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BDSM Holidays in Australia – devotion around the clock:

Have you always wanted to go to Australia? Here is your chance to serve and work as a slave 24/7 during Mistress Amalie von Stein's stay. Days of devotion and nights in bondage - a holiday that will bring out not only the beauty of Australia, but also your submissive instincts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and important information about SM sessions, BDSM practices and the Divine Mistress herself. 

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Contact and discretion – your way to the Divine Mistress:

Here you can find out how to contact me by phone or email, always with due discretion. Respectful requests will be rewarded with attention. Here you will find the way to your devotion.

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A touch of German dominance in Australia

Mistress Amalie von Stein, the divine mistress of charm and toughness, embarks on a six-month journey to the land of kangaroos and koalas. Submissive souls Down Under will have the unique opportunity to experience German domination in its purest form. The reign of Amalie von Stein will shine across Australia and those who surrender to her will experience an unforgettable journey into the world of BDSM fantasy.

Aussie, get ready to kiss my boots!

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