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Fetish artist Amalie von Stein: classic dominatrix & BDSM coach.

Your professional mistress for clinical games (white sessions), BDSM practices (black sessions), artistic rope bondage and bondage as well as hardsports (dirty games) with golden shower and scat play.


Experienced BDSM dominatrix with class and style

I am a classic untouchable dominatrix and love to make you submissive and to educate and shape you according to my wishes. As part of the BDSM slave education, I enjoy your pain. Your lustful screams and your pathetic whimpering will draw a malicious smile onto my face.
As my slave you will humbly accept every punishment that is imposed on you and thereby experience and define your limits over and over again. Your excitement and your longing for me will make you compliant and I will enjoy every single moment to rebuke and chastise you.

Newcomers, fetishists or subs who want a gentler pace can also feel safe with me. With me you will experience everything from sweet torment to lustful release and every single facet of BDSM.

Fetish artist and model

I see myself as a fetish artist and create my sessions with a lot of passion, style, and creativity. Follow me into the exciting and limitless world of the most diverse fetishes. As an experienced domina & fetish artist, I love the variety that every single inclination of my customers brings with it.
You can also book me as a fetish model for your next photo shoot. Through my work as a dominatrix and fetish artist, I have a large selection of lingerie, high heels, latex, leather dresses, nylons and accessories.

SM session, BDSM practices

Spanking, gagging, handcuffs or cock and ball torture (CBT): There are countless BDSM practices that are very popular.
Before a session I would of course like to know which fantasies arouse you and where your taboos are. Only in this way is it possible for me to design a BDSM session in such a way that we both have fun. That is why a preliminary talk is an essential part of a successful session.
My BDSM sessions are as individual as your fantasies!
This means that the course of every BDSM session is very individual. Two appointments are never the same. Which always applies in any case: I will push your limits to the maximum, but never exceed them.

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