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In an online session (online training), you can enjoy your fetish at home.

For online training I take the same time as for an in person BDSM session. I design each online session individually and according to your experience and inclination.

Online Education and Online Sessions

There are different reasons why slaves apply to me for online education. With some slaves, a real meeting is not possible due to mobility or personal circumstances.
What they all have in common, however, is the deep desire to live out their submissive tendencies with a strict dominatrix.
In addition, not every submissive man dares to visit a real dominatrix. Online education is a good alternative here. Some of my best slaves first served me as online slaves before they could bring themselves to a real meeting.

All online slaves must accept and adhere to these basic rules:

  • Agreed appointments are binding and you keep this time window free
  • You check your hardware and software beforehand (camera, microphone, etc.)
  • You are available to me on time
  • You are always polite and treat me with due respect
  • You never push! I start and end the online session
  • You thank me with a message after every online session
  • You pay your tribute in advance and without being asked

Amalie von Stein als Online Domina buchen und in den genuss einer strengen Online-Erziehung und abwechslungsreichen Online-Session kommen.

Online BDSM Coaching

Of course, my BDSM coaching courses are also ideally suited to be carried out virtually. Online BDSM coaching saves time, keeps costs low and offers the perfect introduction to getting to know each other. My BDSM coaching is suitable for beginners and advanced users and is aimed at singles, couples and groups.

You can find all relevant information about BDSM coaching here

Online Dominatrix

I am an experienced online dominatrix and show my submissive admirers a lot of feeling and empathy. In an online session, I know exactly how to lead and guide you so that you become a better slave. All my tasks and punishments have only one goal: to train you perfectly for my needs and joys.
Perhaps I will opt for chastity, where only I have the key to your lust. Or I will let you do humiliating things and have them documented by video as evidence.
No matter what kind of online education I choose, I will play with your head and mold you into my submissive servant and functioning slave.

Online meeting

So that you can even enjoy an online session with me, you must first apply. Your application should be detailed and written in a respectful and polite tone. Describe yourself, your life situation, your reasons for an online education and your taboos.
So that your online enslavement makes us both happy, you are welcome to tell me more about yourself. For example, do you have toys at home that we can include in our online session? How and where can you do the tasks and punishments I have imposed? What are your technical requirements and how do you want to document your slave life?
Another important point is the method of online training. Some online slaves prefer the traditional way via email and Whatsapp. Others like the somewhat personal online education via video call (e.g. Skype).
Depending on the communication channel chosen, my expenses and thus the amount of the tribute also vary.

Exclusive Membership

For explicit BDSM and fetish content, I offer an exclusive membership. In addition to all Patreon content, this exclusive membership also includes videos and images with a +18 rating.

Further information for an exclusive membership