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Payment methods (100% anonymous)

In order to get Amalie von Steins’ Products, Clips, BDSM coaching and Online meeting the following payment options are offered:

    • SofortÜberweisung via NetDebit, payment fee € 0.00

    • SEPA payment via NetDebit, payment fee € 0.00

    • VISA via NetDebit, payment fee € 0.00

    • Paysafe Card, payment fee € 0.00


How does payment work with Net Debit?
The German payment service provider Net Debit offers the option of paying with VISA, Sofort-Überweisung or Sepa-Überweisung. Only a transaction number and net debit will appear on the account statement as the recipient or purpose. In my experience, the support team is very reliable and responsive and regularly receives top ratings. 

How does Paysafe Card payment work?
Paysafe Card works completely anonymously. The Paysafe card can be bought at petrol stations, supermarkets, post offices ... If you pay for the card in cash there is no message on your bank statement that you have done any online business at all. The code required for payment is usually on a receipt. (This blurs slightly, so do not take too long a walk in your wallet ;-)). This code can then be entered completely anonymously on my payment page. 


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