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Clear slave rules provide security and perfect your behavior.

Failure to comply with the slave rules will be punished consistently.

Rules of conduct for slaves

In order for you to be considered as a slave for me at all, you need impeccable behavior and to know how to behave in the company of a lady.
My slave rules should help you to serve me as a submissive gentleman and to meet my requirements.

As an elite mistress, it is a pleasure for me to sound out the strengths, weaknesses, passions and limits of my counterpart and to play creatively with this knowledge. Every encounter is different, every game new and every submission follows different principles.
Despite all the diversity, there are certain basic rules and requirements that every slave and slave aspirant has to follow.

  1. The slave's aim and task is to amuse Amalie von Stein!
    You are obliged to submit to my will. Your ultimate goal is to increase my well-being.
  2. Amalie von Stein's needs come first!
    I will submit you to my will. For this purpose I will take suitable training, control and discipline measures.
  3. Amalie von Stein's dignity and property are inviolable!
    My will, my body, my clothes and objects in my possession are to be treated with the utmost respect. Should you receive the honor of an audience, you will make sure that each of your actions is characterized by the highest respect.
  4. Amalie von Stein receives the right to decide over you during the treatment!
    You will take the position I ask of you! I will regulate your body and show you which place and which position seem appropriate for you. If I don't assign you a place you will wait in an appropriately respectful manner.
  5. Amalie von Stein sets the tone of the meeting!
    For preliminary talks, meetings in public, etc., different rules of conversation and behavior apply than for dressage exercises. Your mistress will signal you how to behave. The mistress decides whether a conversation is friendly, objective or dominant. If necessary, this enables perfidious, but also discreet meetings in public.
  6. The slave never goes ahead!
    You will make sure that you always move behind me. In public, this distance can be smaller or larger. This will be communicated to you. In any case, you will always be behind me. The height of your head is usually below my belt line. In public I will tell you how high your head can be. Your head always stays under mine on stairs.
  7. The slave openly states his limits!
    You will tell me exactly your limits and your taboos. I will implement your training within these limits, but if necessary also consider expanding your limits, should I have the impression that you can and should achieve this. You will endure what I ask of you for my well-being and my amusement. You will signal to me with care and respect when you reach your limits.
  8. Questioning and interrogation by Amalie von Stein demand the highest sincerity of the slave!
    In my interviews you will tell me your likes, dislikes and secret desires. If you do not want to provide information, you will let me know. There is no way you will lie to me.
  9. You remember my preferences and adjust your behavior accordingly!
    You will try everything to get to know and satisfy my preferences and my tastes. As a result, you will develop more and more in the direction of my preferences. You will learn to do and love things that I like.
  10. Amalie von Stein's rules of conduct must be observed from day one!
    There is no need to literally memorize the rules. However, the rules must be read before the first meeting and I am flattered if you have internalized them. Violations of the rules are noted at the first contact and, if necessary, punished. If you have any concerns about a rule, please let me know.