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Here you can see a small compilation of my high-quality fetish and BDSM videos for adults. Every single video was elaborately produced and is dedicated to a particular fetish or BDSM practice.

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How to BDSM: What do you do with a riding crop?

Here I present you a slightly shorter riding crop, which is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced. A short riding whip has the great advantage that you can control it very well and strike it very precisely.

So this riding whip is not only suitable for spanking the slave or hitting him on the inner thighs. I can hit his nipples precisely with this riding whip or knock clothespins off his scrotum.

There are more clips on my YouTube Channel - How to BDSM

This is how a slave feels in the SM studio | SWR3 Beziehungsshow

What does a dominatrix do? And how does it feel? SWR3 presenter Sabrina Kemmer has tried everything from whips to cages to nipple clamps. It was a bit like Fifty Shades of Grey. And it was painful; BDSM is not for everyone.

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