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Important Information for Appointments


Telephone : You may call or text me during regular hours. I will not take hidden number calls. I will never call your number without your permission.
E-Mail : A respectful contact per email is welcome. A respectful and formal approach to me is necessary however, for me to answer your email. A polite and formal wording is expected in every email you send to me. Emails without a respectful greeting will be ignored. I will decide, how extensively and with which greeting I will respond to you.


I expect and provide absolute discretion: Personal Contacts, Email addresses, telephone numbers and meetings are treated by me with the utmost confidentiality.

Special Appointments:

For special appointments 50% of the Tributemust be deposited. The appointment will be reserved after receiving the deposit.

Taboos concerning the Mistress:

  • Touching the Mistress intimately
  • Kisses
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Oral sex
  • Animals and illegal practices


Cleanliness, hygiene and a well groomedappearance are high priorities for me. That applies to myself, my equipment, as well as to the places I frequent. All my toys and equipment are disinfected after every use. Slaves and candidates are to comply with my high expectations of hygiene, and are to prove this through a clean, well-cared for appearance. A bathroom with further possibilities for hygiene before and after appointments is at all the locations I obtain.


Slaves and candidates are to be punctual. Any delay is to be reported immediately and maybe punished.

Pre and Post Meeting Chats:

An informational talk is a prerequisite before our Meeting. I greatly enjoy conversations after our Meeting as well.


I see myself as an Artist and expect an adequate Tribute. No one would expect a Musician, Dancer, Artist or Actress to work without appropriate compensation, and I do not offer that. I express my Dominance with great and authentic enjoyment, if the necessary Tributes are met. Realtime has a fixed rate. There are no hidden, additional or subsequent costs. I greatly enjoy specialties (Latex, Dirty, Clinic), however an additional cost will be added. Prices are not negotiable. The Tributes are to be taken care of prior to our sessions. Special locations which I obtain for our sessions can be at an additional cost. I love to play for a long time. And for this reason, here are special conditions. If there has been a reservation for an Appointment and the slave cancels, it is my decision if there will be a reimbursement. The slave has no claims to a reimbursement. 

Travel costs for Special Appointments are clearly defined and non-negotiable:

  • 50 km Drive: included
  • Up to 150 km: € 50,00 flat
  • over 150 km: € 0,50 per driven Kilometer
  • Flight costs are to be taken care of by slave (extra costs for my time and effort will be negotiated)


Of course, gifts make my heart beat faster. I am especially pleased about valuable gifts, which are clearly selected and designed with dedication. I should feel that you have made an effort to please me with your presents. Flowers, sophisticated perfumes, shopping vouchers, kinky toys and elegant shoes can inspire me and put me in the right mood to use you for my most decadent thoughts.

Video Acting:

Should you be able to imagine being available as a video actor, I would consider this a nice proof of your devotion. To film, the actor is required to fill out a form I bring with me, in which all legal matters are clarified. You may gladly get a copy of it afterwards. In addition, I must ask you to bring your identity card, as I will need a picture of you and your data. Many International Clip Stores require this for verification before offering a clip on their site for sale. Whether you want to perform with or without a mask is up to you. I always have masks, but you can bring your own equipment. Video recordings are not free but reduced by up to 50%. Also in the shooting breaks you will be available to me and follow my instructions.