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Important information regarding a SM session or my BDSM practices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and important information

My experience shows that potential slaves often ask me similar questions about a SM session or my BDSM practices. For this reason I have summarized the most important information in this FAQ.
So I hope that this will answer the most important questions and that I won't have to answer the same information by email for the umpteenth time.


By phone:

You can contact me by phone or SMS during normal business hours. I only answer calls with a displayed phone number. I will not call this number without your consent.


A respectful contact via email is possible. A respectful and formal salutation is a prerequisite for answering an e-mail request. Every e-mail request starts with a polite salutation for you. Email inquiries that do not contain a polite salutation will be ignored. I decide freely how detailed and with what form of address I answer you.


I expect and provide absolute discretion: Personal Contacts, Email addresses, telephone numbers and meetings are treated by me with the utmost confidentiality.

International travel

I love to travel and I like to attend events, trade fairs, workshops and training courses. My willingness to travel is not limited to Germany, but also takes me to various international places.

If you would like to accompany me on a stay abroad, the following conditions apply: Stays abroad should last at least 3 days, whereby no more than 50% of the time can be booked as consultation, training or play time. All flights must be in business class or higher. Travel expenses (flight and accommodation) are to be borne in full by you in any case. I will book the trip myself. Fifty percent of the cost of meetings and consultations is to be reimbursed prior to booking and is non-refundable. All further details of the trip can be clarified by email.

Taboos of the mistress
  • Intimate touches of the mistress's body
  • Kisses
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Oral sex
  • Animals
  • Illegal Practices

I attach great importance to a well-groomed appearance, cleanliness and hygiene. This affects myself, my equipment and the places in which I travel. All of my devices and toys are disinfected after each use.

Slave aspirants and slaves have to submit to my high standards of hygiene and prove this to me through a clean, well-groomed appearance.

A bathroom for use before and after the session is always available at the locations I rent.


Slaves and candidates are to be punctual. Any delay is to be reported immediately and maybe punished.

Preliminary and follow-up discussions

Every session also includes what is known as aftercare. Here I catch my slaves after the session and offer them a necessary pause so that they can find their way back to reality.
I really enjoy these follow-up discussions and they are also essential for the sub.

Tribute Payments

I see myself as an artist and expect a fair tribute.
Nobody would expect a free performance from a musician, dancer or actress and for this reason I expect a corresponding tribute for my services.
I live my dominance very authentically and with great passion. Each of my BDSM sessions is individually planned and takes a lot of time to prepare.

The black area (classic dominance & submission) has a fixed price and there are no hidden, subsequent costs for you.
For special requests and types of games (clinic games, latex, dirty games), I charge a reasonable and transparent surcharge due to the increased expenditure of time.
All prices are non-negotiable and the tribute is always presented before the playtime.

Special locations that I rent for our meeting may include an extra charge.
I prefer longer playing times and offer you discounted special conditions for a long-term session.
If a deposit has been agreed for a meeting and the meeting is canceled by the slave, I will decide whether a refund will be made. The slave has no right to a refund of this deposit.

Travel costs for exclusive appointments are clearly defined and non-negotiable:

  • 50 km journey: included
  • up to 150 km € 50.00 flat rate
  • from 150 km each € 0.50 per kilometer driven
  • Flight costs are to be taken care of by the slave (extra costs for my time and effort will be negotiated)

Like any lady, I enjoy gifts. I am particularly happy about valuable gifts that have been carefully selected and prepared. I should feel that you made an effort and dealt with my person. Beautiful flowers, noble perfumes, shopping vouchers, fetish toys and high class shoes can inspire me and put me in the right mood to lay my fingers on you.

Support Me

I enjoy indulging in my dreams and tackling new projects. My admirers are not only allowed to support these dreams, they are expressly encouraged. In this way you will be an active part in the fulfillment of my extravagant wishes and your attentions will be noted benevolently by me.
In order to have my dreams and projects supported by admirers and fans, I offer the following options: Giftcard, Amazon wish list, exclusive member and Patreon.

Financial gifts

Financial gifts that I can freely dispose of are an extremely effective means of showing me your devotion. The gift of money, which is not associated with any claim, is an expression of your deep devotion. I am looking forward to a short accompanying email in which you can tell me what sacrifices you had to make for this gift.

When shopping for beautiful designer high heels or while fine dining, I enjoy the thought that you had to work hard for my luxury and forego all amenities.

Amazon Wishlist

For admirers who are unsure about the choice of gifts, I maintain an Amazon wish list.

A present from my Amazon wish list gives you the incomparable opportunity to be noticed by me and that you may even be able to put a smile on my face.

Orders are possible by arrangement or unsolicited. When the goods arrive, after a polite and submissive request, it may be agreed that I will send you a photo of the article received.


I am in close contact with the art and culture scene on the Internet.

The Patreon platform offers me a wide range of development opportunities for game ideas, product tests, interviews and advice. You can support me with my creative ideas and projects through Patreon. Your support enables the realization of further innovative internet projects of mine.

Coaching For Couples

Would you like to immerse yourself in imaginative SM experiences, try out new BDSM practices or stage kinky surprises? In my BDSM coaching I show individuals or couples exciting ways in the areas of domination and submission.

In this way, dominant partners can learn how to use certain practices or devices effectively but safely or how to incorporate new game ideas into their lives.

Devoted partners can also be advised and trained to better serve their top and be available.

Video actor

If you can imagine being available as a video actor, this is a nice proof of your dedication to me. In the case of film recordings, the performer fills out a form which clarifies all legal matters. You are welcome to get a copy of it afterwards.

Since I need a picture of you and your data, I ask you to bring your identity card with you. Many international clip stores require this for verification before they offer a clip for sale on their site.

Whether you want to perform with or without a mask is up to you. I always have masks with me, but you can also bring your own equipment. Video recordings are not free, but are reduced by up to 50%. Even during the breaks you will be available to me and follow my instructions.

Code of Conduct

As an elite Mistress, it is my pleasure to explore the strengths, weaknesses, passions and limitations of my counterpart and to play creatively with this knowledge.
Despite all the diversity, there are certain basic rules that require a certain basic submission of every slave and every slave candidate.

  • Your ultimate goal is to increase my well-being. You will submit to my will and put my needs before your own.
  • You always treat me with the utmost respect and make sure that each of your actions is characterized by deep humility and gratitude.
  • During our playing time, I have sole control over you and your body. In order to train you to be a perfect servant and slave, I take appropriate training, control and discipline measures
  • You always behave in a way that corresponds to your position as a slave. I will regulate your body and show you which place and which position seem appropriate for you.
  • For preliminary talks, meetings in public, etc., different rules of conversation and behavior apply than for dressage exercises in the dungeon. I will signal you how to behave.
  • You are always honest with me and you will tell me exactly your limits and taboos. During my interviews, you will tell me your likes, dislikes and secret desires.
  • You remember my preferences and adjust your behavior accordingly! You will try everything to get to know and satisfy my preferences and tastes.
  • My rules of conduct must be followed from day one! Violations of the rules are noted at the first contact and, if necessary, punished.
SCHUFA identity check / protection of minors

According to the Youth Protection Act and the State Treaty on Youth Media Protection, it must be ensured that minors do not have access to products and content sold on the Internet that are prohibited for young people under 18 years of age.

Amalie von Stein's BDSM online shop also offers 18+ products for which age verification is required by law.

In order to help ensure that young people can only use content and products that are harmful to young people on the Internet by adults, the SCHUFA Identity Check provides for checking the date of birth in two steps: During the ordering process, the date of birth specified by the buyer when the order is placed SCHUFA identity check checked. The information on the available data is transmitted quickly and easily (but not about the creditworthiness) and access is granted when the person is of legal age. For the face-to-face control required by the Commission for the Protection of Young People in the Media (KJM), the SCHUFA relies on the identification of credit institutions that have already been carried out. B. were carried out when opening an account using ID. When the identity of the consumer was positively confirmed, a note was made in the SCHUFA database (the so-called Q-Bit). Source:

Age Verification

How does the age verification work?

Some of my films have a +18 classification. In order to enjoy my +18 adult clips, we are legally obliged to check your age. We carry out the age check with the help of the Schufa. This incurs a one-time fee of € 0.99.
After activation, which only takes a few seconds, you get full access to the unique adult clip store from Amalie von Stein.

Further information can be found here:

Payment methods

Payment methods (100% anonymous)

In order to benefit from Amalie von Steins ’products, clips, BDSM coaching and online meetings, I offer the following payment options:

    • SofortÜberweisung via NetDebit, payment fee € 0.00

    • SEPA payment via NetDebit, payment fee € 0.00

    • VISA via NetDebit, payment fee € 0.00

    • Paysafe Card, payment fee € 0.00


How does payment work with Net Debit?

The German payment service provider Net Debit offers the option of paying with VISA, Sofort-Überweisung or Sepa-Überweisung. Only a transaction number and net debit will appear on the account statement as the recipient or purpose. In my experience, the support team is very reliable and responsive and regularly receives top ratings. 

How does Paysafe Card payment work?

Paysafe Card works completely anonymously. The Paysafe card can be bought at petrol stations, supermarkets, post offices ... If you pay for the card in cash there is no message on your bank statement that you have done any online business at all. The code required for payment is usually on a receipt. (This blurs slightly, so do not take too long a walk in your wallet ;-)). This code can then be entered completely anonymously on my payment page. 


Shipping methods


We offer worldwide deliveries of our products. The shipping is 100% discreet.

Products with a value of more than EUR 50.00 are always sent insured.
Digital products and services are excluded from shipping.

Shipping Costs:

All deliveries are free of shipping costs.

Delivery time:

The expected delivery time is displayed with each product. The delivery time depends on your location and your individual wishes if ordering a custom made product.

The deadline for the specified delivery time begins one day after the contract is concluded. If you have received a payment request before or at the same time, the period begins on the day after the payment order has been placed with the transferring bank or the selected payment service provider.

Exclusive Membership

On my website I offer an exclusive membership for BDSM and fetish lovers. I publish BDSM content, fetish videos, pictures and personal information about me every month for my exclusive members. All locked posts on my blog are accessible after purchasing an exclusive membership. With the exclusive membership you get the same content as with my Patreon full membership, plus products with +18 content such as: selected videos with Amalie von Stein as dominatrix and other content that would be too offensive for the Patreon site. Apply for an exclusive membership here

Fetish Matters You Tube Channel

My You Tube channel Fetish Matters is a kink-friendly platform with informative and educational content. It's about dominance, submission and different facets of the fetish art. The following playlists can be found on my Fetish Matters YouTube channel:

How to BDSM
My How to BDSM tutorials provide free education on a wide variety of BDSM topics. There is at least one new video every week, which provides interesting and funny information.

Fetish Stories
In my Fetish Stories you can listen to unique stories that my interlocutors tell me through interviews! From a prisoner from the BDSM jail, human puppy to professional dominatrixes, latex designers and scene connoisseurs you can find a lot here.

Fetish World
There are many great SM rental apartments, professional BDSM studios, BDSM prisons, etc. where we can let our kink fantasies run wild. In Fetish World I will go to these locations with you and show you some spectacular video recordings. I explain how various furniture and accessories are used and give you an insight into fascinating fetish worlds!

Fetish Artist
Fetish artists who have made a name for themselves in the BDSM world keep bringing new great things onto the market that we enjoy. Let me introduce you to these great fetish artists and their art in interviews and visits to various studios and workshops.

Amalie von Stein Fashion Obsession
Over the years of my work as a professional dominatrix and fetish model, amazing treasures have accumulated in my closets. In my Fashion Obsession Clips I put on my great latex dresses, leather outfits, overknee boots and much more and show how great alternative fetish fashion can look!

BDSM toys & accessories
On my website there is a BDSM shop with exclusive handmade BDSM toys and accessories. I present these exclusive products in my videos so that you can see them not only in pictures, but also in my hand, as well as some information about what you can do with them.