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Your only purpose in life it to make sacrifices to your Goddess, to care for her and make sure she has everything she needs. Any slave may give presents to his Goddess to appeal to her and to fulfil his duty as a slave.

You will find ideas on my wish list, and perhaps you will be given the unique chance to perform a special wish for me.



You can show your Mistress how much she means to you by regularly placing one tenth of your monthly income at her feet. You can also offer to pay a monthly recurring fee which is the beginning of possession and true worship. A real slave always cares for his one and only Goddess’s requirements first before he minds his own and unimportant needs. This ritual will become so important to you that you can hardly wait for your next payment day and the fleeting moment of attention I then bestow on you…



Your wish to make me happy becomes so intense that you will feel the spontaneous urge to send me a Gift to show how much you adore me. I love to be adored by you and to see you becoming more and more addicted to me.

I accept money slaves to spoil me and to ruin their lives!