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As a real lady and mistress of money, I expect you to spoil me with small and large gifts.

I am a professional dominatrix and not “just” a money mistress. I consider your gifts and tribute payments to be a pleasant side effect of my wide range of BDSM and fetish interests.

As a money mistress, I only accept money slaves who pamper me

Financial Domination or Findom is a BDSM practice in which a slave regularly gives money to his mistress and makes beautiful gifts. It is that simple and yet there is so much more.
There are many ways that you can serve me as a money slave. You can give me luxury gifts, give me a tenth of your income, or pay me an appropriate tribute.

In a Findom relationship, the money slave accepts and understands that he is unable to please his mistress physically, emotionally or intellectually. Besides loyalty, sincerity and honest humility, the only thing that interests me in you is your hard-earned money.
This is what makes a Findom relationship so genuine and honest. You know from the start that I will never care or love you. The only value you have to me is the amount of your tribute payments.

As a Findom, I control the finances of my money slaves.
I order you when and how much you have to pay me. If you disobey my orders, you will face severe punishment.
If you transfer your money to me nicely, I might show you what I have bought myself with "your" money (elegant high heels, sexy latex dresses, valuable jewelry, luxurious holidays, etc.)

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Gifts for your money mistress

Your life is there to sacrifice to me: to make sure that I have everything I need and a little more.
As an elegant lady and stylish dominatrix, I love exclusive gifts as a token of your admiration. Because your gifts show me how much you adore me and try to spoil me.

You are also welcome to bring your present to our session and put it in front of my feet personally. Maybe we can try out your souvenir right away and test it extensively.

Of course, I am also happy about discreetly sent gifts from shy admirers.

If you are unsure what to give your dominatrix, I recommend you to take a look at my Amazon wishlist You can't go wrong with a gift from my wish-list.

The submissive gentleman can give presents to his mistress at any time: #present #attention #gift #souvenirs

One tenth of your income

Prove your devotion to me by giving me a tenth of your salary every month and without being asked. With this act of homage you can show me how much I mean to you and that you accept your servitude as my money slave.

There are innumerable possibilities with money slavery. For example, you can pay regular bills (mobile subscription, nail salon or electricity bill) and by doing so earn my attention.

Always be aware: a true slave takes care of the needs of his true and unique mistress, before taking care of his own unimportant concerns.

As my personal money slave, this ritual will become so important to you that you can hardly wait for your next payday and the moment I give you a spark of my attention will turn into a very special moment for you.

Pay my regular, recurring bills: #Salary #Income #Payday

Tribute payment

As proof that you are a willing, solvent slave and not wasting my time, I expect a Tribute from you. With a tribute payment you get the privilege of being able to contribute to my kinky lifestyle. Your bond should grow so strong that you want to pay me a tribute out of the blue. In return, I love to make you more and more dependent on me.

ash & Go meetings are probably one of the most intense experiences that can be experienced in the Findom area. A cash meeting like this is ideal for handing over an appropriate tribute to me.

Adore your money mistress give her a tribute: #CashAndGo #Cashmeet