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Als Patient wirst du im weissen Bereich von der dominanten Ärztin Amalie von Stein in realen Klinikspielen behandelt, therapiert und verwöhnt.

Do you like clinic games? Then become my patient and come to the Clinic of Lust.

Amalie von Stein ist eine Klinik Domina und mit der weissen Fetischklinik und all ihren Klinikspielen vertraut.

Are you thrilled at the thought of being at the mercy of a dominant doctor and having to endure humiliating examinations and painful treatments?

Bei meinen weissen Klinkikspielen, werde ich dir als strenge Ärztin die Hoden untersuchen, mir deinen Schwanz genau betrachten und anschließend behandeln.

Do you appreciate the varied clinical games and are not afraid of needles or catheters?

Bei meinen Klinkikspielen, benutze ich gerne Einläufe, Nadeln, Spritzen und Harnröhrenvibratoren.

A strict doctor awaits you who will tie you to the operating table or gynecologist's chair for your bizarre treatments.

Weiße Klinikspiele sind meine Leidenschaft, ich liebe es deine privat SM Ärztin zu sein.

Undergo a sadistic urological examination at your dominant clinic specialist.

  • Clinic games
  • Sounding Vibrator & Stretch
  • Needle Play
  • Enemas
  • Catheter
  • Anal Treatments
  • Various Injections

White (or also the white area) is the collective term for erotic clinic / medical games.

As a merciless nurse and sadistic doctor, I take care of all my clients' ailments in clinic games for white eroticism (White Session).

Doctor games and the erotic clinic

Would you like to enjoy a pleasurable clinic treatment with a fetish nurse or a bizarre doctor? Experience exciting clinical games, stretching games and enemas of a special kind with me. As a strict Mrs Doctor or a rigorous nurse, I enjoy the natural power imbalance between doctor and patient.

During clinic sessions (the white erotic), I insert catheters, inject your scrotum or slide the plastic tube of an enema into your narrow anus. For my "loving" treatments, you first have to undergo a thorough and perhaps embarrassing genital examination. Because as my patient you are helpless at the mercy of me.

Take a seat on the gynecologist's chair and enjoy my bizarre doctor games: #Klistier #Enema #Catheter #Speculum #Rubberclothing #Latexclothing #Cutting #Needlegames #Infusions #Roleplay #Castration

Urological examination and clinical fetish

Get a bizarre, sadistic urological exam. As a sadistic clinic specialist with an excellent reputation and expertise, I will cure your ailments. I take you into my care and carry out extensive genital examinations on you.

For a thorough examination and successful therapy, I fix you on the gyno chair and stuff a gag into your mouth. In this absolutely helpless position, I will tie up your bulging balls and you will be subjected to a thorough urethral examination. With the targeted use of electrical stimulation, I enhance the healthy blood circulation in your intimate areas or get a semen sample from you through forced ejaculation.

With my practiced fingers wrapped in latex, I slowly penetrate you from behind and stimulate your prostate in a targeted manner. This erotic massage unfolds a true orgasm fireworks in an unbelievable way.

Private patient with Mrs Doctor Amalie von Stein: #analgames #sounding #forcedorgasm #dilator

Needle and sewing games

Needles are an integral part of clinical eroticism. This could include injecting a medicinal saline solution or bizarre art work made from needles.

When spraying the scrotum with a saline solution, the pleasure and pain begins with the first prick in the genital area. Your bulging scrotum offers me the perfect stage for all my beguiling games.

As your sadistic nurse, I also take the freedom to conjure up a bizarre work of art made of needles on your body. To do this, I pierce your nipples, scrotum and penis with medical needles or venous catheters.

As a punishment and for my entertainment, I sew your penis foreskin with medical thread or sew your scrotum around your cock.

Playing with needle and thread: #Needles #Venflons #Injectionmolding #Sewing #Thread

Cleansing enemas and colon cleansing

Did you clean your anus? Perfect hygiene is required in my clinic.
My erotic enema will sensually cleanse you from the inside and relax your anus in a charming way.

Lashed on a gyn chair and delivered by your sadistic doctor, I guide the irrigator attachment into your anus. Then I let the liquid flow slowly into your bowels and you will hold it in your body for a longer period of time. Only with my express consent are you allowed to empty yourself.

As your kinky nurse, I might give you ice cold water or I might add irritating ingredients to the water.

Enemas and complete colon cleansing: #Analirrigation #Analshower #Colonirrigation #Coloncleansing

Sounding stimulation and urethral stretching with a dilator or catheter

As a pretty nurse, it is my pleasure to stimulate your urethra with medical dilators, catheters or special probes. If you have a fetish for dilators and the pleasure/pain of urethral stretching gives you a real kick, you've come to the right place in my sadistic clinic. So leave your cock in the hands of Dr. Amalie von Stein and enjoy an awesome, dominant role play as a patient. In addition to sounding and stimulation with vibrators, I can think of other nasty things.

For a special treatment on your penis, I also have probes for insidious electrical stimulation.

I also like to use urethral catheters during a white session (clinical erotic). I'll push it up into your bladder and use it to control your urine flow. If I then hold a vibrator to the catheter, you will feel a wonderful tingling sensation from the glans to the bladder.

Sounding stimulation and urethral dilation: #urethralvibrator #electricalstimulation #urethraldilation #catheter #dilator

Rectal examinations and treatments

The senior physician Amalie von Stein recommends regular rectal examinations. As a responsible BDSM doctor, I have a weakness for rectal examinations, anal stretching and fisting.

When my latex-wrapped fingers open your pleasure center and penetrates previously unknown depths inside you, you will experience the pleasant effects of a prostate massage.

You will enjoy being completely at the mercy of my white clinic games. You will surrender to my absolute power and endure every treatment.

I turn your deepest, darkest and dirtiest dreams and desires into reality.

Make an appointment now for a rectal examination: #AnalTreatments #Fisting #Pegging #Prostatamassage #Footing


Injections (saline infusion) and scrotum infusion (ballooning)

As a dominant and sadistic nurse, it is my pleasure to inject your testicles with a saline solution. Such a bulging scrotum is of course not only fun for me. Your “best” piece will be heavier, more sensitive and you will see and feel the result for hours (if not days).

When you inject your skin, I inject you with a sodium chloride solution for body modification and pain generation. When the endorphins shoot through your body, you will thank me on your knees for leading you into new spheres of your sexuality.

Experience injections and scrotum infusion: #Injection #ScrotumInfusion #Saline #InflationPlay