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Amalie von Stein ist eine sinnliche Latex Göttin und sadistische Gummiherrin für unvergessliche Fetisch Erlebnisse.

You have fallen for rubber? You are devoted to the feeling of being wrapped in this smooth, shiny material?

Ich bin eine Fetisch Domina und erziehe meine Sklaven zur Gummipuppe, Latex Zofe oder degradiere sie mit einer Latexmasken zum Objekt.

Do you like the feeling when the rubber wraps you wet and tight like a second skin?

Ich empfange meine Fetisch Sklaven in eleganter Lack, Leder und Latex Kleidung und sexy High Heels.

Would you like to feel, touch and smell this sensual material on you as well as on me?

In meinem sexy Fetisch Outfit, erziehe ich meine Latex-Sklaven und unterziehe sie einer ausgiebigen BDSM Behandlung.

Enjoy an unforgettable latex session and activate your senses.

  • Latex education
  • Multilayered Rubber Training
  • Latex Body Bag
  • Mask training

A brilliant fetish: wrapped in latex from head to toe.

Do you have a latex fetish and love the sight of a dominant woman in a shiny latex outfit? Or are you addicted to latex yourself and love the feeling of being wrapped in the tight, shiny material?

Latex wardrobe and rubber clothing

I love latex! This shiny material is sexually arousing and closely related to the BDSM world. When the latex hugs me like a second skin and stylizes my wonderful body as a goddess, nothing can stop me.
How do you feel when you see your sexy latex dominatrix? Can you smell my rubber dress already? Do you hear the unmistakable squeaking of my latex outfit?

Of course, my passion for latex is not limited to me. I also find it very exciting to wrap my play partners in latex. This can include latex pants, a rubber mask or a complete sissy outfit made of latex.

The latex and rubber fetish includes a wonderful range of: #LatexOverall #LatexLeggin #LatexCatsuit #LatexHandschuhe #LatexHead #Mask #LatexMinidress # LatexSockings #LatexSkirts

Pleasure and pain in the latex education game

The pleasurable latex and rubber training includes a variety of specific fetishes. This includes mask games for breath control or restrictive latex covers (rubber bondage) for sensory deprivation.

The common theme is the love of latex or similar materials like rubber and PVC. Like leather, latex can be used to visualize dominance and submission. It can also be used as something captivating, restrictive, or even for disciplining, like the fabulous rubber whips in my shop.

Either way, you will learn to love the feel of the restrictive material as it makes you easily accessible to all of my delicate nasties. Because you won't be able to hide anything under your second skin.

  • Rubber bondage
  • Rubber doll
  • Liquid latex
  • Breath play
  • Rubber whips
  • Vacuum bed / vacuum game / body bag

The latex education game offers a multitude of pleasurable, sensual and restrictive variations: #Gummifetishismus #HeavyRubber #Latexfetish #Latexsklave #Latexdomina #Rubberfetish #Rubberdoll

Multi-layer latex training and latex disciplines

Do you dream of being wrapped in latex? Do you long to be dressed from head to toe in a skin-tight latex suit? How many layers of latex can you take?

I like to cover my latex slaves beyond recognition and degrade them turning them into rubber dolls or my object of pleasure. Do you panic if I put another mask over your head? Can you endure another constricting layer of latex? Are you getting hot?

When I play with my latex slaves intensively, I don't limit myself to dressing or tying up in corsets when I am using latex for discipline. For extensive sweat cures, I like to use inflatable latex bags or the latex vacuum bed.

The multi-layer latex training and its sweat-inducing effect: #HeavyRubber #TotalEnclosure #Mummification #Forced gumming #Forcedcorsetting #Masktraining


Mask training and breathing therapy

Do you enjoy breath play and sweet scents? Are you passionate about wearing gas masks and rubber masks with an aroma inhaler?

Receive my nasty meanness during extensive mask training and experience the oppressive feeling of breath control. I put a tight latex mask over your slave head and gradually reduce the oxygen supply. Or maybe I just want you to perceive specific smells in a very targeted manner and let you inhale selected smells.

For my amusement, I also like to let my slaves wear pig masks and do humiliating work. Maybe you just need a mask to let your inner bitch out …

Mask training and respiratory therapy: #smelltraining #breathcontrol #breathreduction #mask training #isolation #deprivation #Smellbag #Breathcontrol #breatthplay