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Reserviere dir einen Termin für eine BDSM Session, einen dominanten Escort Service oder ein BDSM Coaching.

I am an internationally active dominatrix with style and class. Meet me in selected locations. No matter where you live.

Verbringe eine aufregende Zeit mit Amalie von Stein. Buche die weltweit agierende Domina für ein unvergessliches BDSM Erlebnis.

I am the perfect companion for the submissive gentleman and offer an international and classy fetish escort.

Buche einen Deutschlandweiten Escort Service bei der klassischen Domina und Fetisch Künstlerin Amalie von Stein.

As an elegant companion, I will guide you! For shopping, to a restaurant, to the opera ... Rely on MY guidance!

Vereinbare einen Termin im BDSM Studio und verbringe aufregende Stunden mit deiner Domina Amalie von Stein.

With me you enjoy the stylish domination. Put yourself in my discreet care for hours, days or weeks.

Amalie von Stein ist eine National wie auch International tätige Domina und Fetisch Künstlerin. Begleite deine Herrin an die schönsten BDSM Plätze dieser Welt.

Visit me in a special BDSM studio with torture chamber, clinic room and other sadomasochistic furniture.

Persönliches BDSM Coaching für Paare. Amalie von Stein ist eine erfahrene Domina und sachkundiger BDSM Coach.

I offer you exclusive BDSM sessions in selected locations around the globe.

  • Worldwide travelling dominatrix
  • Excellent BDSM studios
  • Elite fetish companion
  • Exclusive fetish escort
  • Business meetings or vacation companions
  • Long-term session (24/7) in the Casa Dolorosa

BDSM sessions and fetish escort for the obedient slave

I am an internationally active dominatrix and offer you exclusive BDSM meetings in selected locations and studios in Germany and other countries.

Exclusive BDSM trips

I love to travel and like to meet my slaves at fetish parties and unique BDSM locations. My travel activities are not limited to Germany. Slaves in Switzerland, Austria or other international locations can also book a BDSM meeting with me.

If you want to book me for a stay abroad, our kinky trip should last at least three days. During our journey together, I reserve half of the time to play.
The travel expenses (flight and overnight stay) will in any case and in full be covered by you. I will book the trip and the appropriate accommodation myself and invoice you.

Fifty percent of the cost of My Services must be paid for prior to booking the trip and is non-refundable.

  • Stays abroad: at least 3 days
  • Playing time: 50% of the length of stay
  • Travel expenses & accommodation: are on your account
  • Air travel: Business Class or higher
  • Organization: Amalie von Stein
  • Services: 50% of the costs are to be paid in advance

    All further details of the trip can be clarified by email.

Fetish Escort Service

For the submissive gentleman who doesn't like a studio atmosphere, I offer a first-class fetish escort service. Perhaps you are visiting a foreign city on business and are looking for an attractive, charming and witty escort companion for a business lunch or a visit to a trade fair.
Or would you like to leave your everyday business behind you and take a captivating and beguiling lady to dinner or to the theater?
Perhaps you are looking for an appropriate companion for a fetish event, for an exclusive shopping trip or for a few pleasurable BDSM hours in a hotel room?

The expenses for my arrival will be covered in full by you. Depending on the duration of the trip, different periods of time apply to a booking. The minimum booking starts at two hours. My fee relates to the period booked and not to specific service or services and is non-negotiable.
Have the fee ready at the beginning of our meeting in an unsealed envelope in cash (euros).

Enjoy the envious looks of the other men when you enter a bar with a seductive femme fatale at your side!

  • Duration: at least 2 hours (longer depending on arrival)
  • How to get there: You will pay the travel expenses for my arrival
  • Fee: In cash and non-negotiable
  • Basic BDSM services are included in the fee.

All further details about the fetish escort service can be clarified by email.

Exclusive meetings in the BDSM Studio

I am a freelance dominatrix and am not tied to a fixed BDSM studio. For this reason, I am a guest at dear friends (e.g. the ZUCHTHAUS near Dresden or the Salon Claudia in Zurich) at irregular intervals.
In the locations I rent, I always pay attention to impeccable cleanliness, hygiene and as varied a range of rooms and games as possible.
I am a classic dominatrix. That means, intimate touching of my body is taboo. Also, I will never kiss you, and there will never be intercourse or oral sex.

  • Intimate contact is taboo
  • No kisses
  • No sexual intercourse
  • No oral sex

The fee for a BDSM session depends on various factors (studio rental, duration of the session). As soon as we have clarified these details, I can make you a binding offer. My BDSM sessions correspond to my qualifications and start at an average of 500 euros (1 hour of active playing time including preliminary and follow-up talk). The tribute must be brought in cash and handed over at the beginning of the session. I reserve the right to ask for a deposit.

Contact us now for an exclusive session in a BDSM studio.

Exclusive Membership

For BDSM and fetish lovers, I offer an exclusive membership. With this exclusive membership you get access to special and explicit BDSM content, fetish videos, pictures and personal information about me.

You can find detailed information for an exclusive membership here on the “Information” page.

How do I apply correctly?

The best way to address me is a stylistically appropriate and respectful email. I pay very close attention to the type of communication and can easily see if someone has made a corresponding thought and effort. The chances of a positive answer are much higher if I am contacted appropriately and with respect.


Do you answer all inquiries / applications?

I answer all serious inquiries. And the word "respectful" must be taken into account. If the e-mails are disrespectful or rude (e.g. "Hey Amalie", in "You" form or demanding ") then they will be deleted and the sender blocked. I get a lot of inquiries from serious admirers who are polite and generous and I also don't have time for someone who doesn't take the time to do it.


Where are BDSM sessions possible?

Pretty much anywhere, as long as all the necessary precautions can be taken. The only limits can be your finances and your imagination. With the global pandemic, travel is obviously limited right now, but wherever it is safe to travel there is an opportunity to meet. Contact me and tell me your dreams and I will see if they can come true.


How does a BDSM session work?

Every face-to-face meeting is different, but certain elements are constant. Everyone involved should know what to expect. We'll talk about interests, hard limits and rules in advance. Before and after the session there is time to exchange ideas about expectations, experiences and to be able to return to a normal state of mind. Usually you can always take a shower to freshen up after the session.


How far in advance do I have to make an appointment?

The sooner the better. If travel or a specific location has to be booked, then sufficient time should be available for booking and the entire logistics process can be clarified. If it's a short session and we already know each other, a week's lead time is usually sufficient.


Can everyone (even a beginner) book a session?

Naturally. Part of my work is BDSM coaching and consists of helping newbies to find their way safely and safely in the complex world of BDSM.


Do I have to confirm an appointment and make a deposit?

Yes. A deposit is required to secure a fixed date.


What is included in a meeting?

It all depends on what has been negotiated in advance. I offer a wide range of services and communication is the key to an unforgettable meeting. Take a look around my website and try to find out what exactly might interest you.


What does an exclusive meeting cost?

This also depends heavily on whether there is travel involved, how long the session lasts, or whether there are special requirements for a location or equipment. The best thing to do is to contact me directly by email to describe exactly what you are looking for. However, this does not mean that you have to plan the meeting, I have to find out for myself whether I even offer what you are looking for in order to be able to quote you a price. Find out more on my website, in the „Fetish Artist“to get a better idea of ​​what is possible.


Is the BDSM playtime included in the escort costs?

Yes. The BDSM playtime is included in the cost.


Is discretion guaranteed?

Yes. Discretion is very important in the kink community and a trademark of every good dominatrix.


What is the minimum duration for a session or an escort service?

Usually an hour. Shorter sessions are not efficient in terms of time and organization.


Can I name my own wishes or my own outfit (wish list slave)?

Sometimes a particular fetish is associated with a particular piece of clothing, such as leather or latex. Often someone has seen a picture of me wearing a certain outfit and wishes me to wear it to a personal meeting. This can be done for a fee as long as I still own the outfit and it is available to me. Of course, it won't be possible, for example, to book me for a session in London and then ask me about a certain outfit on site.


What does classic dominance include and what are your taboos?

Taboos (also called hard boundaries) are the things that absolutely will NOT happen during a session. This includes nudity on my part, intimate contact, kissing, etc. Of course, you can also state your taboos in advance.


Are you looking for cleaning slaves or servants (24/7)?

Yes. You can find more details here on my website under Jobs.


May I bring you a present (which one)?

Yes. Flowers are always good. You can also look at my Amazon wishlist. Remember you are approaching someone who you wish to impress. Make an effort. Mistress notices these things.


Can I come to you as a woman (or as a couple)?

Yes. I often coach couples and women and I do instruct them if they wish to explore this aspect of their lives. See the section on BDSM coaching.


What about physical disabilities and infirmities?

These are not a problem so long as we can make sure ahead of time that the facility we will be using is accessible to you.


Can a BDSM session work without leaving visible traces?

Yes, but be realistic. If your fantasy is to be whipped and caned there is no way to avoid leaving some marks.


Can audio and video recordings be made of a session?

Yes as long as this is worked out ahead of time. It is a simple matter to give you a picture of yourself but if you want me in the photo or clip arrangements will have to be made. Keep in mind that Germany and other countries have strict privacy laws.