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Amalie von Stein ist eine Spezialistin für Dirty Games mit Natursekt (NS) und Kaviar (KV).

Do you love dirty games and want it really dirty and rough?

Amalie von Stein genießt das prickelnde Spiel mit Natursekt, Kaviar und Spucke (Dirty Games).

Would you like to be trained as a human toilet and enjoy my golden shower and scat?

Dirty Games: empfange einen Golden Shower (Natursekt) von Amalie von Stein. Wenn du lieber feste «Nahrung» zu dir nimmst, empfehle ich dir das Scat-Play mit Kaviar (Kot).

Would you like to serve as my personal piss bucket, swallower and trash can?

Dirty Games: verdiene dir meine Körperausscheidungen wie Urin (Natursekt), Kot (Kaviar) oder Speichel (Spitting).

Do you love to be forced to imbibe the bodily fluids of a dominant lady?

Sind dir die Dirty Games mit Natursekt und Kaviar zu eklig? Dann versuchen wir es doch mal mit Spuck- und Speichel-Spielchen (Spitting).

Are you a toilet slave and a true gourmet for saliva games and hardsports?

  • Dirty Pleasures
  • Spit & Saliva Games
  • Golden Shower & Scat Play
  • Diaper Education
  • Sperm & Period Games
  • Force-feeding
  • Food Games Of All Kinds

Dirty Games: These include hardsport (scat), golden shower (pee) and spit (spitting).

The term “Dirty Games” encompasses various hardsport practices involving faeces (scat and pee) and other body fluids such as spit.

Dirty games: enjoying body excretions

Dirty games are extremely multifaceted. For some, it is a harsh punishment and incredible humiliation when I urinate and spit on them or even feed them their own sperm. Other slaves literally can't get enough of my dirty games.

My Dirty Games spectrum does not only satisfy pee connoisseurs, toilet slaves or spitting lovers. Forced feeding with food, semen or other (more or less) delicious things are also part of the hardsports menu of dirty delights.

Dirty games for gourmets: #bodyexcretions #bodyfluids #sweat #Saliva #urine #feces #fecalmatter #blood

Spitting: moist spit and saliva games

Do you like the fantasy of me spitting straight into your mouth (dominatrix kiss)?

In my spit and saliva games, I spoil you with my precious secretion. Maybe I'll sip a glass of fine champagne beforehand and pour the leftovers straight from mine into your mouth.

As a humiliation and punishment, I also like to spit on my slaves' faces or on their stunted genitals. Do you also belong to the spitting lovers?

Are you ready to gratefully absorb my saliva? #Dominakiss #Spitting #Snot #bogey #Saliva

Golden shower (piss) and scatplay (shit)

Maybe you want more than just spit? Because everything that your mistress exudes is infinitely precious and you should appreciate it accordingly.

If you are a bizarre gourmet, I recommend my hardsport sessions with brown and golden showers of the extra class! Maybe the thought of scat and piss disgusts you, but the humiliating symbolism gives you the right kick. If you are lucky, I will piss my warm stream directly in your face. If you dare waste a drop, my punishment will be ruthless and painful for you.

In my slave stable there are piss lovers and scat fetishists as well as real human toilets. These slaves enjoy the humiliating dirty games with brown shower (scat) and golden shower (pee). Submitting to my hardsport games they are signaling their absolute submission to me and they will be experiencing my full dominance.

You can get each of these delicacies from me: #goldenshower #Piss #Urine #Scat #Shit #Poop #Watersports #brownshower #hardsport #Toiletslave #Humantoilet

Period games, forced ejaculation and milking

Do you long to taste your mistress's blood? Once a month I can give you a very special gift. The availability of it is very limited and for this reason it is even more valuable than any other excretion from my body.

In contrast, your sperm is always at hand. If you think that you have been milked completely, you have never felt my forced milking before.
The most effective way of forced ejaculation is through a prostate massage. Milking the prostate leads to emptying of the testicles, but you will not experience the orgasm you are used to.
Of course, I can also milk you really hard with various toys or a vacuum pump / milking machine.

If I perform the forced ejaculation on you several times in a row, you will be really drained and completely exhausted. Then you will thankfully lick every single drop of your ejaculate with your tongue.

Seeding and milking without mercy: #Ejaculate #Seminating #Sperm #Period #Blood #Monthly bleeding #Menstruation


With force-feeding I feed you selected “delicacies”. If your reflexes do not allow normal feeding, I will probably have to help with a mouth spreader, hose gag or a head mask with a funnel.
When choosing the “food” I am very creative and do not limit myself to the usual delicacies such as pee (urine) or scat (poop). Have you ever drank your own urine or tried maggots & other insects?

I love the dirty games with different body excretions. When my slave is fixed in front of me with cuffs and a rubber ring spreads his mouth wide apart, then the meanest fantasies come over me.

Slaves who love to swallow appreciate my force-feeding: #disgusting #funnel #humantoilet #hosegag #mouthspreader #urine #feces #sperm #pre-chewed #toiletslave

Food games with food: Food Crushing and Food Play

If I invite you to dinner, don't think you'll be sitting comfortably at the table with me. As my personal pig, you'll lie under the table and eat everything I throw on the floor. I will refine your leftover food with my personal touch. I spit on it and then trample everything into a squishy paste with my sexy high heels.

The special connoisseur gets my pre-chewed food poured out of my erotic mouth.

Spit pre-chewed food in your mouth: #trashcan #trashchute #shoefetish #footfetish

Diaper education and diaper fetish for adult babies

The topic of diaper fetish, diaper lover and adult baby combines different forms of piss play.
In my dungeon, in addition to the adult babies who are still little shit-arse, I also receive guests who simply love the warm feeling of a full wet diaper.

My adult babies love to be looked after and raised by me. They appreciate my reproachful looks and attentive strictness.
Wearing a diaper can also be a humiliating education. Maybe I'll fill the diaper for you and let you wear the dripping diaper for hours.

The right treatment for spoiled brats: #Diaper #Pampers #PVCslip # Nappywearing #Diaper fetish # Diaperbondage #AdultBaby #DiaperLover