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Amalie von Stein ist eine klassische Domina mit Herz und liebt allerlei Spielarten aus dem schwarzen BDSM Bereich (Dominanz und Unterwerfung).

Are you dying to take the first step to feel the erotic interplay of dominance and submission on your own body?

Amalie von Stein ist eine echt veranlagte Domina und lebt die klassische Dominanz und Unterwerfung Spiele aus dem schwarzen BDSM-Bereich (SadoMaso).

Are you ready to endure extreme pain for me to humbly prove your ability to suffer?

Amalie von Stein hat besondere Vorlieben. Sie liebt den schwarzen BDSM Bereich (Black Session) aus Dominanz und Unterwerfung.

Your desire for dominance and submission won't let you sleep at night because you long for merciless punishment and kinky role play.

Amalie von Stein perfektioniert das klassische BDSM Spiel der Dominanz & Unterwerfung im schwarzen Bereich (Black Session).

Are you ready, as a masochistic slave and serf, to feel my classic dominance and to be treated accordingly?

Du stehst auf totale Unterwerfung? Durch Ihre natürliche Dominanz, zwingt dich Amalie von Stein in einer black BDSM Session zur totalen Kontrollabgabe.

Would you like to be available to me and try to meet my high standards? Read every wish from my eyes to pamper me?

Du möchtest deinem Alltag entfliehen und ganz in die Welt des Spiels mit Dominanz und Unterwerfung einzutauchen? Buche jetzt eine black Session bei Amalie von Stein.

Are you attracted to wearing female clothes and are you fascinated by TV upbringing? Would you like me to shape you and train you to become a sissy?

Du möchtest dich in den Bereich der sexuellen Dominanz und Unterwerfung vorwagen? Amalie von Stein bietet abwechslungsreiche black Session.

Do you get nervous when you see bare feet? Does the sight of an elegant lady in high heels make your senses go crazy?

  • Impact Games
  • Nipple Treatment
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Cock and Ball Torture
  • Anal treatment
  • Role play
  • Masochists
  • Submissive Slaves
  • Classic dominance
  • Cross Dressing
  • Foot, Stocking & Shoe Erotic

Black (or black area): the erotic interplay of dominance and submission.

The Black section refers to what is usually thought of when imagining a BDSM experience with a dominatrix. The black area comprises the classic combination of dominance and submission.

Impact games and punishments (flagellation and spanking)

Are you a masochistic flagellant whose preferences are in the field of impact play? Are you fascinated by hard punishment with a cane (English education) or do you find a resounding slap in the face particularly humiliating?
Impact games are very diverse and can range from spanking (blows with the flat of the hand) to flagellation (punishment with whips and straps). Because every instrument evokes a different feeling in the slave, I like to use different methods of punishment in my sessions. The impact instruments I use are whips, riding crops, canes, paddles, floggers or even stinging nettles.
Usually, I chastise my slaves to correct their position, to reprimand a wrongdoing, or just to enjoy the blows and your pain.
The power imbalance between dominance and submission is wonderfully evident in this classic discipline from the black area (black session).

Impact play, scolding and punishment games: #whipping #flagellation #bastonade #bullwhip #slaps #pain #erotic #caining

Nipple play (nipple torture)

Since the nipples are particularly sensitive, intensive nipple treatments are part of the standard repertoire of a pleasurable and / or painful BDSM session.
In the case of nipple torture, I prefer to pour hot wax over the nipples or put nasty nipple clamps on the slave. I prefer to decorate advanced pain slaves with needles (medical cannulas) or stimulate their nipples with violent electrical stimulation.
As with most BDSM techniques, a rollercoaster of pain and delicate touch is particularly exciting. For me the lustful sigh of a slave is just as stimulating as his painful groan.

Nipple play or nipple torture: #pinwheel # fingernails # nipple clips # clothespins #stimulus #wax

Sensory deprivation

My divine sight will not rob you of all your senses alone ... Through the targeted withdrawal of the senses, you become much more receptive to touches and stimuli of any kind. Your perception will focus on the essentials and you will experience every touch, every pain and every smell more intensely.
I alone decide whether and how you can get in touch with the outside world.
When I blindfold and drag you behind me on a chain, you feel your powerlessness much more intensely. With sensory deprivation, your thoughts turn in circles. What am I gonna do to you next? Where am I taking you? What kind of noise was that?
Through the stimulation on all sensory levels (sensory play) you will feel my dominance even more intensely and I will enjoy your helplessness and submission during this black session.

Sensory deprivation and solitary confinement: #blindfold #gasmask #hood #fullmask

Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)

Are you one of those men who need a sadistic torture of the penis, testicles and glans? My cock and ball torture (CBT) methods are not just limited to slave punishment and slave training. I enjoy seeing how you suffer for me and how the torments of your private parts cause you to suffer more and more.
For the right dosage of your pleasure pain, I like to use different objects and methods. This can begin with tying off the balls and extend to sensual stimulation with the nerve wheel all the way to merciless ballbusting.
Cock and ball torture offers so many beautiful opportunities to test your ability to suffer for the mistress. How many blows with the cane can your tied testicles take? Can you follow me fast enough if I put your balls on a leash and drag you around by them? How many weights can I dangle from your balls? Maybe I'll fix your testicles in the humbler and mistreat your sack with blows, kicks, needles or electrical stimulation.
My dominant and merciless cock torture (CBT) will make you whine submissively and I will have a lot of fun during this black session treatment.

Penis and testicular torture (CBT): #Humbler #Testicularparachute #Penispump #Sounding

Anal treatment and dildo games

Are you afraid of anal treatments (still) or do you like it when your anus is the focus of my games? With inexperienced slaves, at the beginning of the anal stretching, I only put one or two fingers in the bottom. Only when you relax and your butt hole is widened, we increase your anal treatment. First with a small prostate plug and then with really thick anal chains / anal beads.
When your sphincter is nicely widened, I put you upside down onto the spanking bench and penetrate you with my favorite strap-on (strap-on dildo). If I should train you to be a TV maid, sissy maid or slave whore, anal treatment will be the focus of your whore training.
Of course I use anal games, also to punish a slave. A piece of peeled ginger, which has been carved into a natural butt plug, spreads its burning heat around your sphincter and intensifies your pain in an incomparable way.
Not only in the white clinic area do I give my slaves cleansing enemas with the enema pear or irrigator (rubber tube) as a preparatory measure for all types of anal play.

Anal Dehnung, Einläufe und Pegging (Analverkehr mit einem Strapon): #Buttplug #Strapon #Speculum #Figging #Analfisting #Analkugeln #Gleitmittel #Tunnelspiele


Are you ready to endure extreme pain for your mistress? Are you excited by the idea that a beautiful dominatrix kicks you in the balls and laughs at you while you are writhing in pain on the floor? Are you into extreme pain? Then ballbusting is exactly what you have always longed for. You should only live this extremely painful BDSM practice with an experienced mistress who knows exactly what she is doing.

Through my many years of experience as a dominatrix, I know a wide variety of techniques and sensitive areas for painful but safe ballbusting. In addition to the dull pain, my CBT and ballbusting sessions always contain a pinch of humiliation.

With ballbusting you can prove to me how much you will bear for me and how much you adore me.

Ballbusting with high heels, feet, knees and fists: #Castrationonfetish #CBT #FemaleDomination #BeatDowns #Amazone #Balls #Kicking #Busting

BDSM role play and fetish fantasies

A fulfilling BDSM session shouldn't only consist of pain and agony. When playing with my slaves, I am concerned with the power imbalance between dominance and submission. Role playing games offer a perfect setting for this.
It doesn't matter whether I'm your elegant boss, a strict teacher or an incorruptible policewoman. I will always let you feel my power and your inferiority.
Your personal fetish for certain materials, such as clothing or practices, can be wonderfully integrated into a role play. Let me know your most intimate fantasies and desires in advance and I will create an unforgettable experience for you.

Erotic role play and bizarre fantasies: #Doctorgames #Educationgames #Petgames #Ponyplay #Interrogationgames #Abductiongames #Tuitionclasses #Dungeons #Inquisition

Masochist / fetishist or slave / sub

What is the difference between a masochist and a fetishist, a submissive and a slave?
In the BDSM scene and the kink community, this question is repeatedly discussed with great enthusiasm.
In general terms, the masochist finds sexual satisfaction from a feeling of pain, torment, and humiliation. He would like to be chastised with the whip, maltreated with vampire gloves (Blood Play) or harassed with electric shock.
A fetishist can also have masochistic traits. However, the fetishist usually gets his sexual satisfaction from certain objects or body parts (high heels, socks, feet or breasts). Certain materials (nylon, rubber, latex or wool) also have a magical effect on fetishists.
Sub means submissive and is a submissively (obedient) disposed person. A sub enjoys and loves the power imbalance of a top / bottom relationship. Many fetishists are submissive and get their sexual satisfaction in the varied game of dominance and submission with the mistress.
In contrast to the sub, a slave surrenders all his rights and will to the mistress. He becomes the property of his mistress and surrenders himself to HER preferences, needs and whims without “ifs and buts”.
Of course, all of these definitions are interrelated and not static. Most of my masochist slaves today started out as a classic sub with me. His own curiosity for new types of BDSM drove him into my clutches.

The submissive has to find out for himself what he is: #SadoMaso #Slave #Sub #Top #Bottom #Servant #Houselave #Devot #Slavery #Fetish

Classic domination and submission

I am a classic, German dominatrix from Ulm. As a classic dominatrix, I am untouchable for all of my customers and do not engage in any sexual contact.
I am a strict dominatrix and you will feel my just severity and indomitable hardness during the classic session.
Bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism - or simply BDSM for short. In order to access this pleasure, you will submit without hesitation and accept my limitless power.

Dominance and submission (BDSM): #Bondage #Discipline #Dominance #Submission #Sadism #Masochism #Domina #Dominatrix #Femdom #Goddess

TV and sissy education, cross dressing and feminization

Feminization is about transforming a (male) slave into a woman through long-term training. The focus is not only on the visual transformation into a woman. The TV slave will also learn the female rules of behavior and submissive behavior.
Essential components of cross dressing and sissification are:
Learning of make-up techniques and manicure
Full body hair removal and choice of the right hairstyle (own hair or wig)
Wear a suitable outfit (corset, nylons, dresses, skirts, underwear, blouses)
Running training in high heels (elegant walking in high heels or ballet heels)
Learning the behavior of a lady and submissive maids
I carry out sissy training for women underwear wearers who also wear thongs, tights or garters under normal street clothes in everyday life, as well as for transvestites (TV) and transsexuals (TS). To control your male desires, you will wear a chastity belt and I will teach you how to suck a dick and get started as a TV hooker.

Feminization of a male subs: #Maid #SissyBoy #CrossDressing #Dragqueen #Womenslaundrycarrier #Feminization #FrenchMaid #GenderPlay #Whoretraining #Rubbermaid #Sissy #Sissification

Foot, stocking and shoe fetish

Have you always wanted to lie at the feet of a dominant lady and pamper her beautiful feet according to her instructions and clean her elegant high heels?
Lose yourself in my wonderful world of foot, stocking and shoe worship. Serve me, enjoy my hot, tasty feet and experience the feeling of delicate nylon and pointed high heels on your skin.
As my personal foot slave, you take care of my bare or stockinged feet. You will crawl at my feet, worship them, caress them and paint my pretty toenails or serve me as a footstool.
Of course, I also spoil my shoe slaves with my erotically scented shoes. As my bootlicker and shoe slave, it is your duty to clean my high heels with your slave tongue and to suck my heel. Maybe I will allow you to jerk off while you do this? Maybe you can even spray on my elegant high heels? We both know who will lick away the mess afterwards …

As a foot slave / shoe slave you long for: #Footerotik #Feet #Footfetish #HighHeels #Nylons #Stockings #Tights #Shoefetish #Trampling #Toes # Footjob #Shoejob


All my slaves like it when I walk all over them. Some like it even more than just a figure of speech. Do you want to feel my full weight on top of you? Do you long for the feeling when my high heels dig deep into your flesh and leave pretty marks? Would you like to feel my delicate feet wrapped in nylon on your face?

My years of trampling practice have made me an expert when it comes to gracefully bearing down on your helpless form and submissive body.

Barefoot or high heels trampling: #Feet #Footfetish #HighHeels #Shoefetish #humanfurniture #HighHeel #Giantess #CBT