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BDSM lover, fetish artist and bondage expert

My interests and preferences are as diverse as the facets of my personality.

Black Sessions: The classic BDSM game of dominance & submission

Are you ready to endure pain for me and to prove to me through your ability to suffer that you are a loyal and good slave?
The black area is about the classic BDSM game of dominance & submission. I am a strict mistress with high standards and love to play with my slaves in an unrestrained manner and to use them excessively according to my desires.
Your devotion and ability to suffer creates trust and delights my sadistic heart.
Find out everything you need to know about black sessions (classic BDSM)

Experience the fetish lady Amalie von Stein in a hot latex outfit.

It doesn't always have to be hard and painful. Many of you want to live out your latex fetish and not be confronted with pain. Although, it may be a little mean and nasty anyway...
Experience Amalie von Stein in a shiny latex outfit.

Rope-Artist and Bondage Queen

Experience the captivating fascination of bondage and other restrictive fixations.
I am a true bondage artist and I will lace you into a helpless and defenseless package. In order to further demonstrate your powerlessness, I might put a face mask with a gag over you. Or maybe I will wrap you in plastic wrap - you are completely motionless and exposed to my mean little games.
In bondage sessions like this, my creativity knows no bounds and I enjoy my power and your helplessness.
More information about bondage

Are you looking for a money mistress who will train you to be a money slave?

Your life is there to sacrifice yourself to your money mistress . In order to get my attention you have to show yourself submissive, obedient and loyal. Fulfill my wishes, give me gifts and pay tribute to me.
Find out everything about financial domination and how I treat money slaves.

Clinic games for white eroticism (White Session)

Undergo a pleasurable clinic treatment and enjoy my exciting clinic games on your body. As a dominant doctor, I insert catheters, clean your anus with an enema or perform a bizarre urological examination.
Lashed to a Gyn chair and delivered to your sadistic doctor, I stimulate your urethra with dilators, catheters or special probes for example.
Explore this area for clinic games now (white erotic)

Dirty games, hardsport for slaves with a predilection for golden shower, scat and spitting

I love hardsports. Especially the dirty games with pee (golden shower), scat and spit. I offer you my precious pee, as a full body shower or directly from the source into your slave's mouth. If necessary (and desired), then with force. With my toilet training, you will be trained to become the perfect human toilet. Maybe I will just use you as a spit on or a human ashtray.
Find out everything about my dirty games

Body Worship: adore the breathtaking domina Amalie von Stein

Amalie von Stein: breathtaking, sadistic and desirable. I am a classic dominatrix and at home in both clinical eroticism (White) and BDSM (Black). This includes both soft and hard sessions with different focuses such as bondage, latex, dirty games or escort service.
Check out body worship and worship my flawless body

Double Femdom: Let two strict mistresses lead you to your limits

Has it always been your dream to submit to two dominatrixes? I offer extravagant double femdom sessions with one of my dominatrix friends.
The only question is: are you up to two mistresses? We'll find out during a double session with a second strict mistress.
Here you can find out everything about double sessions with two strict mistresses