White (or also the white area) is the collective term for erotic clinic / medical games.

As a merciless nurse and sadistic doctor, I take care of all my clients' ailments in clinic games for white eroticism (White Session).

Medical Fantasy

Imagine shivering, naked under a tiny hospital gown and being asked to undergo a thorough examination by a very sexy practitioner. She slips on her hands the gloves with a satisfying snap that makes you jump as she orders you to sit in a strange chair designed to give her access to every part of you. You are on display under bright lights and there is nowhere to hide your obvious erection. What will she do to you?

#medical fetishism #roles of doctors #nurses #surgeons and patients to act out specific or general medical fetishes #medical gags #medical restraints #medical practitioners #medical uniforms #hospital gowns #shaving


Urological Examination

Strapped to the table you are unable to move as she examines every detail of your very hard cock. She treats it with distance, an object to be studied and proceeds to apply various stimuli. Is there a blockage? Perhaps some urethral dilation with medical sounds is called for.

#sounding #cock and ball torture #humiliation #andrological examination #urethra stretching #urethra penetration #temperature-taking 



Needles are often part of medical play and not just for injections. Perhaps the sadistic nurse just wants to turn your dick into a pincushion. Go ahead and scream. No one will pay any attention to you. It is a normal part of the treatment. Or does the bizarre doctor want to create a work of art out of needles onto your body?

#piercing #needle play 



Have you cleaned your anus? Perfect hygiene is required at this clinic and if your insides are not clean enough, they soon will be. Your legs in the air you can feel the cold air hit your naked ass as she rolls the huge enema bottle into place. It is very high to make sure there is enough pressure. Where will you go? What if there is an accident? You don’t want to displease your very neat and clean medical professional.

#klismaphilia #clyster



You are lying in bed and are happy as she grabs your cock, but not for long. In her other hand is a tube and it is going in your cock. You have no choice as you must suffer the humiliation of someone else controlling when and how you pee. You try to hold it in but it does not good as you feel your urine slipping out of you.



Rectal Treatments

Now that your ass has been sufficiently cleaned with the enema it is time to take a look. The nurse begins slowly fitting one finger then two up your ass. She is feeling for bumps, perhaps your prostate. How much more is she going to fit up there? She can’t possibly fit her whole fist in there can she?

#fisting #pegging #prostatic massage #hands free orgasm #rectal examination #rectal temperature-taking #diapering #analtreatment #analstretching


Various Injections

Sometimes you just need a shot from the doctor. This shot is different though. It does not seem to be part of a conventional medical treatment but part of a mad scientist’s experiment gone horribly wrong? What is she injecting you with?