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A meeting with your dominatrix. Arrange real meetings with Amalie von Stein.

I am an international dominatrix and look forward to welcoming you for personal BDSM coaching, an exclusive escort service or a visit to a BDSM studio.

Ein Treffen mit der Domina Amalie von Stein vereinbaren. Buche jetzt ein reales Treffen für eine Session in einem BDSM Studio, Fetisch Escort Service oder ein persönliches BDSM Coaching.

Dates, Events & Fairs


Educational journey: The mistress practices new bondage knots

  • No appointments can be booked until December 15, 2021.

Hot Caribbean Nights - Visit Amalie von Stein in the Caribbean

  • An exclusive fetish escort service in the Caribbean can be booked from December 16, 2021. Meet Amalie von Stein in the Caribbean for a few unforgettable days and treat yourself to this unique Caribbean fetish special.

Fifty Shades Of USA - Kinky visit to America

  • From December, exclusive appointments with Amalie von Stein can be booked on the continent of America. Fly me to your city for an unforgettable BDSM adventure. Contact me via email.

BDSM live chat for Patreon & Exklusive Member

  • December 2021, time and date to be announced.
  • Ask questions, Amalie von Stein will answer you
  • Anonymous chat on Skype

Hello, Grüezi and Servus - Back in Europe

  • I'll be back in my home country in 2022 and appointments can be booked again as usual.

Kinky Online Training - Slave training and BDSM coaching from home

  • Contact via email, prior appointment required.

I am a classic German dominatrix, fetish artist and BDSM coach.

You can book my services nationally as well as internationally. My friends, play partners and slaves come from far and wide and so I feel at home all over the world.
Through my many trips, I am networked with the best studios, the most exciting ladies and the hottest BDSM clubs.

These valuable contacts enable me to arrange discreet meetings in an excellent BDSM studio, offer you an exclusive and worldwide escort service or to visit you for a personal BDSM coaching on site. You can also experience me live as part of a meet & greet at various BDSM events, fetish parties and erotic fairs.

For slaves with limited mobility or other concerns about a real meeting, I recommend my dirty and highly erotic online education.

BDSM, fetish and erotic fairs

Erotic fairs invite you to meet and get to know each other in a safe and relaxed environment. I visit BDSM and fetish fairs regularly and often actively run a booth. You are cordially invited to visit me to say hello.
You can always find all my planned trade fair visits here under "Dates, Events & Events"

Double Domme Session

Are you dreaming of a double domme session? Do you want to serve two dominant ladies? To be completely at our mercy and used in every imaginable way?
I am happy to have fun with my dominant and submissive girlfriends during a duo date on you (double trouble). My friends and I have 1,000 sadistic ideas and invite you to this unforgettable experience. But be warned slave: four eyes see more than two.

More details on the Double Domme Sessions

BDSM Event

Do you share my passion for frivolous going out and want to celebrate with like-minded people on the side of an elegant mistress? As part of my fetish escort service, I accompany you to electrifying play parties, kinky clubs or BDSM events.

Maybe you have already reserved an event ...

Find out more about the fetish escort service.

VIP international fetish escort

Are you looking for the perfect companion for a business lunch and the lonely hours afterwards?
As your charming companion with style, poise and education, I will charm your business partners and the appreciative looks of your partners will flatter your ego. In private moments, I let you clearly feel who is the mistress here and who has full control over you. No matter where, I will train you to be my submissive gentleman and slave!

International escort - exclusively for you!

Exclusive meetings in the BDSM Studio

You can also hold a BDSM session in a beautiful hotel room, however, the play options are then a bit limited because all my fetish and BDSM equipment doesn't fit in one suitcase.
For this reason I prefer hygienic and lavishly equipped BDSM studios. In addition, various BDSM holiday apartments and bizarre rental apartments have established themselves on the market in recent years. These rental properties also have adequate equipment to experience unforgettable moments.

Further information on meetings for a BDSM session

Experienced online dominatrix for your online education

There are many reasons why a face-to-face meeting is not possible. Some appreciate the privacy of their own four walls, others do not want to cheat on their partner and sometimes it is impossible due to lack of mobility.
Online education is a wonderful alternative to a real visit to my studio. Online training can be as erotic as it is exciting. You enjoy your fetish almost secretly and without direct body contact.

Are you interested in online education from an experienced online dominatrix?

Casa Dolorosa - “The Kinky place for BDSM”

My latest BDSM project is called "Casa Dolorosa - The kinky place for BDSM"

The "Casa Dolorosa" is my personal property in the Atlantic and offers the perfect setting to immerse yourself in the kinky world of the BDSM lifestyle. This exclusive property offers you the unique opportunity to serve me around the clock. You can live out your inclination 24/7 and immerse yourself completely in your darkest fetish fantasies.

There are various slave tasks to be done on my private property. So you can work as a servant for me to maintain the BDSM villa. You will do various gardening work, clean the pool and carry out various repairs on the «Casa Dolorosa». You do this work in a sexy fetish outfit and under my strict eye.

Of course, a mistress also needs a servant, maid or sissy. As a girl for everything, I let you do all the low jobs in the house, use you as a foot and shoe slave or maybe as a human toilet. As a small dog on mistress’s leash, I will guide you over my BDSM property and train you to become the perfect slave.
The "Casa Dolorosa" also has a fully functional dungeon for the safe custody and long-term incarceration of the slaves.

... there are no limits to BDSM dreams in "Casa Dolorosa".

Experience BDSM around the clock - book a stay at the «Casa Dolorosa» now.

BDSM coaching

Are you newly immersed in the fascinating world of BDSM and still not quite sure where the journey will lead you?
Perhaps you have already tried a few things and would like to refine your game of dominance and submission and train yourself in various BDSM practices.
For years I have enjoyed an excellent reputation as an exquisite dominatrix and BDSM coach. I am at your side with words and deeds and raise your love life to a completely new level.

Learn more about my personal BDSM coaching