Body worship focuses on my breathtaking body.

Do you have a fetish for specific parts of the body such as feet, buttocks or lips? With body worship, you can show me how much you adore me.

Body worship: worship and veneration of certain parts of the body

I see body worship as an integral part of every slave training.

I expect each of my slaves to recognize and worship me as a goddess. Only when you give yourself completely to my divine beauty and charisma and sacrifice yourself for me will you experience true humility and satisfaction.

I am a strong woman with a toned and perfectly defined body. You will worship every inch of this divine body and worship and praise in every possible way. You will obey all my wishes and submit yourself completely to your dominatrix. I not only embody dominance and lust, but divine beauty in absolute perfection.

The adoration of my wonderful body (body worship) is not limited to the well-known fetishes such as feet, legs, buttocks or breasts. You will also gratefully accept my body fluids and other excretions (dirty games/ hardsorts).

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BDSM wrestling is a mixture of wrestling and sadomasochism

Are you one of those slaves who need a muscular dominatrix to correct your behaviour and to train you to perfection?
I am a well-trained and muscular mistress with a sporty and perfectly defined body.
Losers like you get a good beating with me (even without a wrestling ring). As a BDSM wrestler, I bring every submissive man to his knees.

During a BDSM wrestling session, I clamp your head between my legs (head scissors) until your face turns blue. Only when you throw in the towel will I loosen my stranglehold and maybe stop choking you until you lose consciousness pushing and throwing you across the room.

To be wrestled to the ground until unconscious: #Wrestling #Muscleworship #Bodybuilding