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BDSM Coaching

For some it begins with a teasing game of denial or dominance. Others are fascinated by a particular garment, or scene in a movie, showing that there is a lustful experience that lies beyond one’s sexual education at school.

More and more people want to come together in new dimensions of lust and devotion. During their most arousing moments, they discover that sexuality can be not just sweet and tender but can also include a thrilling adventure. The magic of being helpless and enslaved to one’s Mistress and Her instructions is the fulfillment of one’s secret dreams; and being pampered after a massage or touch of the whip (and perhaps after She has denied completion) has been described in many terms in the modern world: bdsm, sm, femdom, dominance, female-led relationship (flr) etc.

But how do you begin to live out your longings? What fears are unnecessary and which are justified? How can a couple fall into the ecstasy of dominance? How can this passion be implemented discreetly? Where can “toys” and utensils be procured and how can they be used properly? Where can I find a suitable game partner?

All these questions are important and need your attention. Amalie von Stein has created a space to deal with all these issues.

Her Excellency Amalie von Stein enjoys an outstanding reputation as an exquisite Dominatrix, who can choose Her admirers and possesses a stable of submissive slaves. Her varied preferences have led Her to the furthest extremes of BDSM, which of course can be restricted to a domestic bedroom, too. She knows how to take one’s devotion to the game to altogether new heights, and how the game of dominance can become not just the technical implementation of one’s closet scenarios, but rather a thrilling, sensual orgy.

Amalie von Stein is at your side with tutorials, texts and coaching, when it comes to seducing your husband, your friend, your admirer and to shake up their (and your!) pre-existing ideas, and to arouse the curiosity of hitherto unpredictable, shadowy games.

Discretion is the supreme imperative of Amalie von Stein when it comes to giving reality to your dream of female dominance and male devotion. Amalie von Stein ensures that you and your partner can feel completely at ease and secure when following her erotic advice.

Amalie von Stein is delighted to take your love life to altogether new heights…


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