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As an experienced dominatrix and fetish artist, I have a first-class network, far beyond the BDSM and fetish scene.

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I welcome a partnership or cooperation with friends and like-minded people. A banner exchange is possible. Please send a personal cover letter so that our banner exchange becomes something personal and maybe we will find other ways to collaborate also!

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DOMINA.WS - Dominaführer für Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz

Lady Vivian  München

dickie virgin FemDom guide

Galerie de Sade

Mistress in London


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Made to measure in leather:

High-quality dildos and plugs made of platinum silicone:

Weppy makes you happy I Sextoys and Accessoire:

Bronze jewelry - you who smell sweet to me:

Stainless steel passions by Metall Geyer:

Ero Chains – dominator of weaving:

Quality Whips made in Holland:

Dominastudio in Den Haag: