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Amalie von Stein is a classic dominatrix with strict rules.

I am a sadistic, dominant and breathtaking BDSM dominatrix who knows her craft.

Amalie von Stein - elite, sadistic and dominant

I am a classic dominatrix and fetish artist. I love to play with my slaves and to push them to their limits with passion and emphasis.

As a dominatrix I love the lustful power imbalance between mistress and slave. I enjoy BDSM sessions full of domination, submission and lustful devotion. You will feel this authenticity with every fiber of your body and thank me on your knees.

Submissive and extreme slaves are in good hands with me as well as BDSM newbies. As long as you follow my rules, you don't have to be afraid 😉

Here is a small excerpt from my BDSM preferences, practices and fetishes:

  • Black: The classic BDSM game of domination & submission
  • White: Clinic games for white eroticism
  • Latex fetish: It doesn't always have to be hard and painful
  • Dirty Games: for slaves with a penchant for pee, caviar and spit
  • Bondage: Experience the captivating fascination of constricting fixations
  • Body Worship: worship my stunning body
  • Financial domination: Your life is there to sacrifice you to me
  • Double Femdom: submit to two strict mistresses

Slave rules: my requirements for you

There are a few small but important basic rules that you should observe as a slave or slave candidate.

Respect & Behavior

Always behave like a submissive gentleman. Be polite, attentive, and courteous. As long as you show good manners and decency, you can't really go wrong.


I expect absolute reliability in the execution of the tasks and the adherence to deadlines and agreements.


Always be honest with me. Especially for the preliminary and follow-up talks of a BDSM session. Only if you are sincere with me can I guide your training in the right direction.

Personal hygiene

I attach great importance to hygiene and personal grooming and assume that you see it the same way. Take a shower, shave and you are ready for the sadomasochism session.

You can find my detailed slave rules here

Interview with Amalie von Stein

In the interview below I grant you more interesting anecdotes from my exciting life as a dominatrix and also a few private insights.



Amalie von Stein, thank you very much for your precious time. When did you first discover dominant feelings?

That began very early. Early on, I was passionate about training animals and loved the feeling of an animal looking surreptitiously, waiting patiently for my next command. Especially the moment when an animal, out of sheer excitement and anticipation of a dressage exercise, went crazy with me, but then quietly waited in his place for my command, was very uplifting. In addition, I soon discovered my enthusiasm for leather boots and dressage instruments. I remember very well when I first held a riding crop in my hand and whipped it on my palm a few times to get an idea of ​​what it could do. In riding clothes with tight leather boots and riding crops, there suddenly stood the woman who I wanted to be: elitist, strict and strong.


Your photos are very impressive. You can literally feel the joy of being in the limelight.

Thank you – I have heard that before. I started to realize very early that certain clothes fascinated me. With my first pocket money, I began to fill my wardrobe. It was fascinating how one could express certain moods with clothes. Even today, I still love to communicate to my slaves through my clothes how I feel. When I’m in the mood to dress in leather, my slaves know what’s going on. But that does not mean that it is easy to satisfy me, when I feel like expressing my feminine side in delicate lingerie and stiletto heels.


Have you used your appeal to subjugate men before?

Even as a teenager, I enjoyed getting upset with men. Early on, I noticed that my physical charisma changed the behavior of men. I’ve always refused a clumsy flirt but experiencing how sophisticated men tried to impress me with little attentions and gifts, or even getting nervous when I looked at them or even moistened my lips, fascinated me at an early age. I did not have to do much and was soon surrounded by admirers. After the riding lessons, when I kept wearing leather boots and gloves longer than necessary, at evening events with high heels in a chic evening gown or in a fragrant summer dress: always found a few admirers who tried to impress me. I soon realized that this could only be the beginning. I loved to keep stoking fires and feeling passion becoming devotion and of course the submission of men. Today, I like to observe the development of fashion. It is a dream, how designers today work hard to figure out how to develop fashion with a fetish touch. I love to go shopping and discover new clothes. Of course, I like to be accompanied and spoiled by selected admirers during shopping. Naturally they have to earn this privilege.


As a mistress you now have some experience and certainly already experienced a lot. Doesn't the pleasure fade away at some point after you've seen so many men and tried a lot?

On the contrary: the experience here is something very wonderful. It's like with a good wine: the wine connoisseur who has already drunk many wines enjoys a new glass of wine in a completely different way than a newcomer. Of course you get more demanding, but my admirers only seem to adore me even more if I know exactly what I want.


Does that mean that you are now more interested in very harsh practices?

No, no way. Wine connoisseurs do not only love wines that contain alcohol. The tension always arises when I realize that my partner surrenders to my worship. I have a slave I use as a footman. When he sinks to pamper my feet with the utmost attention we get into a very special trance that enchants us both. It’s just that I now know how I can control the dedication even more closely and have learned in the meantime with which tricks he can feel my dominance and superiority even deeper. I love that I can now feel the devotion of my worshippers even more clearly than in my early days.


But your website also features more drastic practices. Is not that a contradiction?

Not at all for me. I have always been very curious and love to let my joy of experimentation run free. It may be that I demand a lot from my slaves. The measure is not how far a slave goes, but how strongly I can feel his devotion. There is nothing more boring than to simply beat around wildly on a slave. But it can be an incredible feeling to wield the whip if there’s someone who shows me through his suffering, how much he adores me and what he endures for me, just to prove his devotion to me. My job is to accompany the slave on his way.


Are there limits here?

It can go very far. The appeal of expanding boundaries to push into a new dimension is definitely there. A slave should not be so sure with me, that he knows what to expect. In the past, most of my slaves had no idea how far you could go to indulge me.


Your website stands out: besides pictures of dominance you can also find erotic photos. Do you see yourself more as an erotic model or as a mistress?

What a question! It is a typically male mistake to think that a lightly clothed, erotic woman is also easy to get. By no means am I an erotic model that can be booked. I am a demanding, challenging mistress who loves to make clear demands and inspire submission. I also love admirers who worry about how they can pamper me. My self-determination does not end with Domina clichés and in the typical SM studio. I am an authentic woman who loves to show off and I do not let myself be restricted by convention. I enjoy presenting many facets on my website. However, anyone who thinks that he can just book me, is very mistaken and those requests end up quickly in the trash. Only those who approach me with due respect have a chance.


Your activities are not limited to a specific location. You travel a lot and are also active abroad. How did you come up with this idea and where are you actually located?

I have always been tempted by the new, the unusual. It is very rewarding to gain experience in different cities and countries. Of course, I always stay true to myself, remain dominant and love my home in German Swabia, but to experience other people, cultures, also in this particular domain, gives me a very special kick. At the same time, I also enjoy building intensive and long-term relationships. Lingering in certain places is part of this. I get many requests to stay a little longer in a particular place, and enjoy it a lot as meetings get longer and more intense. Then I may let myself be privately accessible and joint dinners, opera or museum visits are possible in which my slaves may again experience a different side of me. I like to be pampered and then am also willing to depart from the usual time constraints. Of course, it remains clear that the final decision on how the slave has to behave, which amusements to choose, is always in my hands. The task to win me for a longer stay is always a challenge for the slave. He must prove to me how much he appreciates my presence and longs for it. Who knows, maybe a slave will be able to meet my high standards and create the conditions for a stay in one place in order for me to stay close to him for a longer time?


On your website you also offer fetish consultations. What is it and how did you come up with this idea?

In the age of emancipation, it is finally no longer taboo that women set the tone. This also applies to our sexual experience. As a woman with clear ideas and intentions, I always meet other women who are insecure in the field of sexuality, have a guilty conscience with certain fantasies or just want to experiment and do not know how. Sometimes, however, women come to me, who notice that their man is likes to be dominated, is fixated on her feet, etc. and do not really know if and how to handle this kick. But I also have requests from women who would like their men to be a little more attentive, friendly or faithful, and are looking for ways to make their partner a little closer. This can then go so far that in the partnership, the woman sets the rules. With my many years of experience, I would like to help here. This can then take quite different forms, of course I can give courses on tools, fetters, behavioral rules, pleasure control and other SM practices, but I can also give relationship advice and take fears. This can be realized by mail, telephone or in person. The place is also very flexible. It is important to me that the coaching for the respective person (and possibly their partner) is suitable and takes into account their ideas and wishes. Of course, I see that there is a barrier for many here. Through my many years of experience in the SM area, I know the meaning of the word discretion.


It’s unusual for a mistress to also offer distance and on-line education. What can you expect?

Again, it’s about pushing boundaries! Digitization is taking on more and more areas of life. Some people lose themselves in online worlds as well. This idea aims to appeal to people who are fascinated by these online worlds, but who also long for an authentic experience. Many people would like to meet me, however they can only see me rarely or not at all in person. Others can visit me, but I find that they need more control. Sometimes I have slaves who do not have their sexual behavior properly under control, do too little exercise or work too much or too little. I can do a lot online as a personal trainer. But it is also a very special kick to sit on the train or in the cafe and to make sure with a look on the phone that somewhere someone has to muster all his concentration and passion to fulfill a task that I have considered for him.


Can you give us an example?

Recently, I asked a slave to do errands in the city for me. With a screenshot of the fitness tracker of his cell phone, I was able to control exactly how long he has needed where and then evaluate his services in peace. It was very amusing to question him afterwards and punish him right away online for unnecessary dillydallying. Imagination and control have no limits here …


Amalie von Stein, thank you for this interview!