"fan of fetish life" has been on social networks for years, always adoring extravagant fetish ladies and admiring apparent female dominance.

fan of fetish life (@Fan_of_Fetish on Twitter) has been on social media for years, always adoring extravagant fetish ladies and revealing female dominance admiring. He is thrilled by the first-class elegance of exquisite tight dresses and luxurious furs, latex and leather captivate him, high heels and high boots turn him on. A whip in the hand of a lady gets under his skin. Provocative lingerie and deep cleavages make him furious. The breathtaking beauty of a female body overwhelms him, everything can be intoxicating for him, hands and feet, arms and legs, face and hair, breasts and ass.
In the gestures and poses, in the facial expressions and in the posture of strong women, he finds the natural dominance that makes him docile. Always in search of women of classical beauty, dominant appearance and great arrogance, he pays tribute to the overwhelming power and supreme authority of commanding mistresses, he praises their excellent expertise in seduction and humiliation, training and re-education of submissive men! Again and again he shows his longing for strict control over his body and mind. An obedient slave to an authoritative mistress – that is his goal in life!
And now he has decided to share his passion for AMALIE VON STEIN in his Fan Blogs on Tumblr and Bdslmr ! For him, she is the overwhelmingly dominant lady in character and appearance, a dominatrix at its finest from inner strength and with a sophisticated mind. He wants to show the world her perfect beauty and her cultivated, sometimes bizarre elegance, her impressively powerful practice of absolute female dominance and her excellent female wisdom!