Locktober is getting closer and closer and it's time for you to hand over your key to your key mistress Amalie von Stein because chastity is mandatory and non-negotiable!

Your key mistress Amalie von Stein is waiting for YOU!

"Give me your key chastity slave!"

Locktober is getting closer and closer and Amalie von Stein is ready to control and guide you with a strict hand in the month of October! You will receive assignments, have to give daily reports and will participate in weekly chastity – online – meetings!

Sklaven Keuschhaltung im Oktober mit deiner Schlüsselherrin.


  1. You are or will become a Patreon or Ecklusiv Member for the month of October.
  2. own a chastity cage.
  3. have suitable locks to keep you safe.
  4. bring the will to serve me indispensably!

Amalie von Stein expects a certain number of willing chastity slaves to enjoy Locktober to the fullest. If this number is not reached by the end of September, there is the possibility to experience your personal Locktober in the form of online chastity training!

A personal e-mail to your key mistress for the month of Locktober is appropriate! info@amalie-von-stein-com.


Your keyholder Amalie von Stein