The fact that many women love shoes should not be a new insight for you. I am no exception and also spend a lot of money on elegant pumps, boots and sandals from well-known brands such as Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik.

But why do shoes make men so flustered?

Let's start with the definition of the term «fetish». A fetish is a type of sexual desire associated with a particular piece of clothing, object, or body part. The shoe fetishism and the penchant for high-heeled shoes was once called retifism.

Just behind the foot fetish (which is something of a superstar among fetish species), the shoe fetish already ranks. A shoe fetish can contain many different elements:

  • The design of the shoe (stilettos, overknees, peeptoes, with or without platform, etc.)
    What a person's foot looks like while wearing the shoe. Here the rist, the heel or the toes have a special meaning.
  • The feeling and the sight of the shoe material: The shoe was made of leather, lacquer or fabric.
  • The smell/taste of the shoe. If the shoe smells of new leather or foot sweat and the shoe is freshly cleaned or dusty and dirty.
  • The sound of heels clattering across the floor

It is quite common for a shoe fetishist not to find all shoes sexually stimulating. Some like flat shoes other high heels. For some, the shoe must be of a certain color or come from a selected brand.

There is no scientific research to show why certain people develop fetishes and others don't. For some people, a fetish is created by a fantasy or a positive experience in the past. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case for all people. Because scientists don't really know why people develop certain sexual fetishes or what's behind a shoe fetish.

Why are shoes sexy?

For my part, I can only say: That elegant shoes give me an extra boost of self-confidence and strength. When I wear high heels, they give me a sense of power and underline my dominance. In addition, high-heeled shoes make my legs look longer and flatter my posture.
My experience as a dominatrix has shown that men have developed very different preferences for shoes. Some are aroused by the sound, appearance or smell (sniffing) of the shoes. Others want to ejaculate on the shoes or want a shoe job. Still others are excited by crushing or or being trampled with them.

How do you satisfy your shoe fetish?

First of all, you need to be aware of what excites you about shoes. Is the mere sight of a special pair of shoes enough for you or do the shoes have to be worn by someone? Are you submissive and do your fantasies revolve around adoring the shoes and the wearer or do you just like the sight of a woman in beautiful shoes? Have you sexualized shoes to the point that they are a powerful trigger to experience sexual desire or a climax? Are you more of the "gentler" fetishists who prefer the sight and kissing of the shoes or do you like the "extreme" side with shoe gags, smelly shoe worship and trampling?

You see, shoes can have a strong sexualized charisma for some, while other shoe fetishists are more about showing their subservience and possibly being humiliated.

Max, a 50-year-old high heel fetishist from Lucerne and slave of mine, explains: "There is no better visualization of submission and the power imbalance than kissing my mistress's shoes"

I have many slaves who are extremely fixated on shoes and I enjoy letting these slaves lick and kiss my dirty shoes. Preferably, I put a collar on them and then pull them tightly on a leash to my high heels.

"Not only do I have a shoe fetish, but I'm also extremely submissive," Max continues. «I love to serve my mistress Amalie von Stein and to give myself to her with body and soul. I also like it when my mistress presses her worn and warm shoes into my face or fixes them on my face with her nylons." Slaves like Max like it when, in addition to their fetish, they are also humiliated and forced to lick shoes, blow the heel and inhale my sweet foot scent.

I also like to let my slaves feel the pointed heels of my high heels. To do this, I drill my silettos into her skin every now and then and twist the heel a little just to prevent my sub from getting bored 😉.

What kind of practices are there?

Shoe Worship

Traditionally, kissing and licking the shoes is considered a form of humiliation. The submissive partner willingly worships the shoes by sniffing, licking, kissing and cleaning them. One possible form of shoe worship is the ritual cleaning of the shoes. The dominant partner can spit on his shoes and the bottom then licks the shoes clean or he uses his own underwear to achieve a shiny finish.Shoe worship can be seen as an expression of complete devotion to the dominant partner and as an admission of the inferiority of the submissive partner.

Dangling (Shoe Play)

Dangling involves balancing shoes (pumps, ballerinas, mules, etc.) on the toes. As a dominatrix, I slip out of my shoes and then cheekily let them dangle and bounce on my toes. With dangling, I also like to integrate the "accidental" dropping of the shoe. So that the slave can also take care of my feet.

Shoe Job/ Heeljob

A shoe job is the masturbation of the man through shoes. A suitable shoe is used as the only contact medium. A shoe job can be perfectly used to humiliate the man. Because with a heeljob I show my slaves that their sperm is only suitable for polishing My shoes and boots.


It is a question of personal preference whether one actually goes for stinky foot aroma, as shoe fetishists are often said to have. In fact, a touch of sweat turns on many pendants, others enjoy body scents mixed with the smell of the material of footwear. Whatever it is, sniffing shoes is simply part of it for many shoe fetishists.


Anyone who likes so-called crushing loves to watch someone crush objects or food with their shoes. In this fetish, the footwear with which the act is performed is idolized more than anything else. I like to crush a banana or cookies and then let my slave lick my shoe brines clean.


In the BDSM context, trampling means that a submissive person finds it sexually arousing when the dominant partner stands on their body, stomps or walks over it. The excitement of the submissive usually results from a combination of pain and the element of humiliation. For my submissive servants, it is an incredibly exciting idea to literally be crushed under my shoes/feet.


Are some shoe fetishists also fascinated by feet?

In connection with the attraction of shoes, many of my slaves are also interested in feet, socks and stockings – everything I wear at the bottom of my body. Of course, I let all these different fetishes flow into my varied game. So slaves are allowed to massage my feet or I put my worn socks in their mouths as a gag.

On the subject of foot fetish, I have already written a blog post worth reading. Foot fetish, or podophilia, a sexual interest in feet!


Is it normal to have a shoe fetish?

Of course! Having a fetish doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. In addition, a shoe fetish is surprisingly common and definitely not a mental disorder.
You see, you are not alone with your fetish and with me you found the right person to experience it with.