This slave confession comes from a devotee admirer still unknown to me in person. Slave S. confesses to us his fascination with masks!

They exist in all kinds of types. Open eyes, closed eyes, with or without eye patch, gag included or not. The kind or type is numerous, not to speak of the fabric that is used for them. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: they absolutely attract and excite. What is the fascination about hoods?
Many submissive love them because they believe that they will become more of an object. Faceless, without any personality and just an object that is to be used, serving, objectified or just to take off from the world or environment they live in.
This can already be done even when a submissive hasn’t got a Mistress or Master. The step up is low and buying a hood is easy but is this the fascination about hoods? I believe it is just a start.
The empty experience of just wearing a hood soon starts to fade as it hasn’t got too much excitement in it. One starts to think about how to expend and lift this experience to the next level and imagination, fantasy, reading stories and watching clips and movies come round the corner to make their entry, when these aspects even were the start for wearing a hood. Just to take up the excitement a nudge.
Parallel or perhaps even as a start comes in the fabric. Is it latex that excites, leather, pvc or even another fabric? The thickness of the layer of the fabric does another trick. Whoops I cannot hear through the hood…Did the doorbell ring, oops sorry just my Wife that did come home…!? The excitement level needs to rise, until…you do visit a Mistress
She looks at you when you take place before Her in an interview in which you, She asks you about your interests. Gags, pain, degradation, bondage, whips all passes in Her questions for you, until you notice ( did I not before ??) the large collection of hoods which you cannot keep your eyes off.
She notices your distraction and focus on the hoods and asks you about your biggest fetish and you start talking about hoods, being hooded, made into an object, want to be faceless and that wearing a hood makes you an even better submissive, willing to follow, do what She wants.
Sometime later you will find yourself being tied up, gagged, being held in a small cage wearing that wonderful hood that you have always wanted to wear with the biggest excitement you will have: wearing your hood and serving your Mistress or Master. Helpless, clueless about what will follow but with such energy and excitement in you…
For me it was always clear that I love hoods on themselves, but that they were just a small part of my passion and believe of serving a dominant Lady and it was always a torture when not wearing a hood whilst serving Her…but She did always have the last word.
Conclusion at last is that fascination of hoods can be expressed in many ways, there is no right or wrong. Just follow your feeling or the feeling of your Mistress or Master and you will see it will complete you in some way as it does complete me in a certain way
Still: hoods are truly fascinating for submissive and Dominant

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