Is the reputable bank employee currently wearing lingerie?; Is the boss so restless today because he has had to wear a KG for weeks? - Many of these secrets will probably remain unknown. But what drives these people to do this?

To put it simply, there are three possibilities that lead these mostly male secret bearers to do such unusual and socially unacceptable things.
The first possibility is the attraction of doing something "forbidden" and remaining undetected. In this case, of course, there is nothing legally questionable, but something that deviates greatly from social norms and role models. The thrill lasts at least as long as the clothing or items are worn. The wearer observes their surroundings as precisely and inconspicuously as possible to see if anyone has noticed anything. To appear so confident and natural is existential and a great physical and mental challenge. Every drop of sweat on your forehead or a thoughtless movement can be a tell-tale.
The second option is very similar to the first. In this case, however, you didn't make the choice yourself to wear anything unusual under your clothes, but it was the mistress who got the slave into this mess and was amused about it. This is exactly what the unfortunate person knows, and it is not uncommon for this to be acknowledged with strong excitement. Such a working day can be quite long and awesome. The third possibility are the fetishists who simply enjoy feeling their fetish material or whatever. You wear suspenders, tights, lingerie or whatever and enjoy the feeling on your skin. Here it is less the attraction of the forbidden, but mainly the material itself.
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Article written by Slave C.
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