Many slaves are not great believers in chastity. In doing so, they miss out on very intense experiences. Slave C. informs about the advantages of chastity and gives a few safety instructions.

When it comes to chastity, many slaves tuck in their tails. A practical implementation is certainly not feasible in every life situation, but should the circumstances permit, it is worth more than one attempt. Significantly, only the slaves who have not yet experienced it have reservations. The attitude towards slaves who were or are being kept chaste is quite different. If you follow a few important tips, chastity is harmless to health and society.
In chastity, control over the slave's sexuality is in the hands of the mistress. Since he can only pursue his sexuality with the mistress's permission, the frequent arousal, especially from the mistress, causes something in the slave's brain. The slave becomes more submissive and considerably more attentive. The mistress takes center stage and that is exactly the place she deserves. Over time, the arousal from other women or porn decreases and sexuality focuses mainly on the mistress. When the slave is then allowed to orgasm with the permission and under the direction of the mistress, these are intense feelings that many slaves have never experienced before.
When it comes to maintaining chastity, one could rely solely on the slave's willpower. Unfortunately, this has not proven to be practicable and some chastity belt models (KG) are available as aids. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to material selection, with silicone models initially offering the best wearing comfort. Since you wear them directly on the skin, I would recommend models from specialist shops and not necessarily Chinese bargains of dubious origin. It is essential to ensure a good fit and the right size. A good KG does not bother you in everyday life and does not hinder the wearer either. As a KG carrier, thorough hygiene is essential. This is also a health aspect. You should also take a longer break after taking off. In order not to cause unnecessary amusement for the practice staff in the event of an unexpected visit to the doctor, you should also deposit a spare key. This can e.g. be kept in an envelope sealed by the mistress. In emergencies, a key is then available and saves you from unpleasant situations.
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Article written by Slave C.
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