Online sessions, online coaching, online training, whatever you want to call it, it's on a lot of peoples minds during the COVID-19 pandemic. Have you ever thought about being trained online?

I'll anticipate the answer right away; of course it can't, but in these pandemic times it is not possible for some slaves to experience a real session for various reasons. Therefore, I would now like to go into the second best option, which can come very close to a real experience, depending on the fetish and inclination.
An online session is a very demanding educational variant that requires a lot of empathy, flexibility, improvisational talent and expertise. The mistress has only a few tools at her disposal and therefore it is primarily up to her to make it an intense experience. A good online session goes well beyond a few insults, staples and candle wax, and a lack of expertise can also lead to health problems. That's why you should confide in a lady who has real SM experience and knows what she's doing.
As with a real session, it is important that the slave communicates his inclinations and fetishes in detail in advance. In addition, there is also the fact that the equipment of the slave must be mentioned. Additional errands may have to be made at the hardware store or supermarket. A visit or an order in an SM or sex shop is only necessary for special inclinations. Based on this information, the mistress plans the rough course of the session and you make an appointment.
After the session you discuss the session to share what went very well and what could go differently. This allows you to achieve a higher intensity from session to session.
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Article written by Slave C.
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