As many already know, Amalie von Stein has been to Tenerife for the last few months. However, the dominatrix not only enjoyed herself in her residence Casa Dolorosa, she also worked as a captain on a pirate trip to world domination!

Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands and Amalie von Stein spent the lockdown in the Casa Dolorosa residence, where she naturally received willing long-term slaves during this time. Apart from the fact that she has trained her slaves on site, she has also optimized her website over the course of weeks with the help of her loyal Internet slave M. Perhaps you have noticed a change.

Summer, sun, water, memories and the desire to rule the world.

In March and for the mistress' birthday, she was invited by one of her loyal slaves on a sailing trip. This day was the beginning of the pirate journey to the world domination of Captain Amalie von Stein! Amalie von Stein has always been magically attracted by water and especially the sea and many years ago, in yet another time, she spent a few months on various sailing boats. Among other things, during a trip from Australia via East Timor - Indonesia - Borneo - Malaysia - Singapore to Thailand.
Now the birthday trip on a sailing boat out to sea in Tenerife had reminded the mistress of these past times and the desire to have a sailing license was rekindled. Slave C. who had given himself to Amalie von Stein some time ago heard of her wish, surprised the mistress and made this dream come true!

The dream of captain Amalie von Stein comes true.

At the end of March the starting shot and the training for a sailing license began. This training lasted several months and included theoretical as well as practical elements. The final exam for the “Yacht Master Coastal” should take place at the end of September. Amalie von Stein spent many hours each day at her desk to learn theory. She studied nautical charts, learned about the weather, safety on board, calculations for planning a trip and much more.

In addition, she also spent a few weeks on sailing ships at a sailing school in the Canary Islands to familiarize herself with the practice. There were long days with the teachers of the sailing school, who taught their students the necessary knowledge on the sailing ship. At that time, Amalie von Stein was often cut off from the Internet and her loyal slaves began to wonder why the mistress did not answer the e-mails, calls and text messages immediately.
For Amalie von Stein it was not always easy to do this training and at the same time not to neglect the loyal slaves, but in the end everything came together and the test was passed!
Here again a big thank you to slave C. who supported me here as well as he could.

The adventure of world domination by Amalie von Stein on the high seas.

Amalie von Stein got the chance to take her qualification as a captain to a new level and is now planning a new adventure on the high seas! If you have become curious and would like to find out more, e.g .: where the journey is going and what captain Amalie von Stein experiences on her travels, ... then you will find a monthly contribution soon on the Exclusive Member page of the Amalie von Stein website or on Patreon Fetish Matters.

Meet Amalie von Stein on the way to world domination.

If you want to know which port Amalie von Stein ends up in when she conquers the seven seas and whether she might anchor in your port, please check Amalie von Stein's website under meetings, there everything is noted and up to date as long as one Internet connection is available.

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Kapitän Amalie von Stein auf dem Weg zur Weltherrschaft.