What is money slavery? Here you can find out everything about this very special type of enslavement. From regular tributes to gifts, blackmailing and much more!

Money slavery, what is it?

Money slavery does not enjoy a particularly good reputation in the BDSM scene; Younger women hope for a comfortable source of income with pout and leggings images, as well as bad orthography  and maintain alleged slaves on various platforms who promise a lot and keep none of it. But there are also honest people who understand and live this fetish. As with so many things, the generic term "money slavery" includes many individual aspects and variants that can only be roughly described.

Various variants of money slavery.

With the softer variants, the slave enjoys sending his mistress gifts or non-binding payments. As a result, he has no right to any kind of consideration whatsoever and that is exactly what makes this variant so attractive. The slave imagines that he has conjured a smile on her pretty face for the mistress with his gift, but she will always remain inaccessible to him.
Fixed, regular tribute payments represent an increase. These are usually weekly or monthly. The slave has left his anonymous comfort zone and feels his enslavement. Certain luxury or consumer goods he can no longer, or less often, afford. But he knows for whom he is giving it up and it makes him proud when he succeeds. He feels what he is capable of when he has the mistress as motivator. In addition to his self-confidence, this also increases his bond to his mistress.

Power and submission between the money mistress and the paying pig.

With increasing trust, the power of the mistress can be expanded. This takes some time, which both parties should take. This is then primarily about the exchange of power and the money only serves as a means to an end. Depending on individual preferences, this can be budgeting or promissory notes. When budgeting, the mistress distributes the money to the slave and the slave learns to live frugally for the mistress. He trusts her and knows that she could take advantage of that trust at any time, but she doesn't. There are two variants of promissory notes. The legally valid payment contracts are formulated in a rather unerotic way. If, on the other hand, words like "mistress" or "slave" appear in the contract, then the contract is a slave contract and is therefore not legally binding. The strongest payment obligation is to be found in the head of the slave anyway, which only make such contracts necessary as an attractive addition.

With caution from money slave to full financial slavery!

In rare cases and when trust has grown over the years, there is even full financial slavery, where the slave gives his finances completely into the hands of the mistress.
In addition to the scenario described at the beginning, there are unfortunately other dark sides that should be taboo. This includes blackmailing, which, even with the consent of the slave, fulfills the criminal offense of extortion and thus puts the mistress in a legally sensitive situation. Furthermore, no mistress has an interest in the ruin of a slave who is of no use to anyone. That is why a constant, honest exchange is essential.
There are many money slaves who, for various reasons, cannot live out their fetish. Often it is not the lack of funds, but the worry of endangering their private or professional life. Both are worth protecting and there are many opportunities to serve Lady Amalie von Stein anonymously.

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