This post was written by my writing slave R. He talks about the many possibilities the rubber flogger has ( Toys and More ) and the dream of a submissive to feel it!

There are times in your life, where you are burdened by your daily activity, by the mundane drugdery of your 9-5 working activity. Does that mean we sink into our thoughts and contemplate how we move out of this rat wheel. Should we keep spinning it, there’s no end to it, and there are plenty of ways to get out of it through spicing up your life. Getting those desired items from Amalie von Stein-Website is a good way to start. There is everything that you may have desired in your adventurous of dreams, the good old plug, the dog collars both of leather and of steel, even AVS imprinted pens to write to your heart’s content and keep it with you while you go through your daily life feeling her ever so close to your heartbeat. This post, however focuses on one of those special items, the rubber flogger. How majestic is the look and feel of the flogger and having the delightful, graceful, muscular hands of your exalted Mistress AVS swing it on you would be such a dream to live!


The rubber whip holds desires and fantasies!

Getting the rubber flogger gives you so many desires and fantasies to play out, you could be an alpha, the dominant to play out your fantasies, or hand it your Mistress and have her give you the punishment you so desperately need for being lazy and undisciplined. There could be thousands of imaginary scenarios you could play out with your partner. She could be your strict disciplinarian and give you certain tasks and demand certain level of service. If you fail to achieve them in the execution of your tasks, you would be flogged while being held at a particular positon of her choice until you realise your mistake and agree to improve in future. She could hold you in the spanking position, and smack your bottom red with you uttering out sorry Miss on every stroke and realising how easy it is for her to discipline you, while you remain at her mercy and willingly submitting to her authority. She would flog you like a clock with precision, swinging down at your fatty butts with the efficiency of a machine and never get tired bringing discipline to someone who was in desperate need of it. The thing is, AVS or your mistress of choice, will be doing you a favour when she flogs or spanks as the correction of a bad habit should happen instantly and what better to course correct for a submissive individual like or your partner than to avail the strictness and focused attitude of your Mistress. Of course she will be strict, and for sure you will beg to be let go, but will she? Of course not, she won’t go easy on you, nor will she let her subs be dismissive of her authority. If the subs don’t behave, they will get flogged even harder, being asked to bend over at the drop of a hat and getting the punishment that undisciplined subs deserve.


The rubber flogger as a sign of your inclinations.

You could also use the flogger as a drawing room ornament to display that you are devoted and pleased to always serve AVS and her presence even through this artefact always keeps you on your toes and on your knees to serve her better. The material of the flogger may be rubber, soft and stretchable but have no doubts over it efficacy and the amount of impact it can have on your wobbly insolent butt. The Mistress with her charm and strength will have you kneeling in no time. The mere thought of her being so far away yet in completely control of your fortunes, pleasures and desires. She stays with you always, closer to you at all moments and within the realms of your mind, observing your every move and making sure you stay on track.


A BDSM toy symbolizing domination and submission.

The flogger is a symbol of domination/submission and you could use it to enhance your fetish experiences and enjoy the life as it meant to be, serving your Mistress AVS. The other facets of this toy is to use it be closer to your dominant or submissive partner if you prefer a different scenario. To that effect, you could have a power exchange scenario as well, where you take tunrs with your partner in your relationship to play with your toy. These situations could always be enchanced by addition of other toys such as the dog collar, plugs as well. The real fun in these situations is the mental aspect of giving up control to your dominant if you are a submissive, or if you are a dominant taking control from your submissive. The amazing fun that you could be enjoyed is unmatched and such a peaceful and relaxing experience.


Whipping with a rubber flogger as a therapeutic exercise.

he flogging works as a therapeutic exercise as well. The pleasure combined with of flogging makes you forget your mistakes and gives you appropriate relief from your guilts through this targeted flogging through the flogger. The whol experience makes the situation of getting disciplined lively and with it the addition of desire to improve in life, anything is achievable all through fun and engaging activities. Make sure though, the ultimate goal as a submissive is to serve and do actions that encourage your Mistress to invest her time and efforts in you to improve you. Your life should revolve aroud your dominant, waiting at the clicking of her fingers, on your knees, awaitin her signals to do as she orders. This would not only please your Mistress, but also give you the satisfaction of true submissive whose foremost purpose in life is to devote yourself to her service and pleasures. So make sure you get a piece of history, present an future and submerge yourself in the service of AVS and buy the branded rubber flogger from her online store and see where that leads you. Whatever may be the way for sure it will lead to countless pelasures and more adventures. Everything you need is within Amalie von Stein, bow down and reap the rewards.

Written and authored by slave R.


In cooperation with the well-known Dutch manufacturer Slagwerk Atelier .