This slave confession was written by a submissive admirer, gourmet, licking servant and toilet, who is still unknown to me in person! My submissive slave T. confesses his dirty fantasies to us!

What an interesting fantasy that my unfortunately unknown submissive slave T. sent to me by e-mail. He has followed the slave confessions on my blog and sent me his smutty little dirty fantasy for publication! In slave T’s fantasy everything revolves around being my personal human toilet! He desires to be my scat gourmet, my golden shower connoisseur, my submissive servant and swallowing trashcan! Just read yourself... 😉

A story for my mistress and goddess Lady Amalie von Stein ❤️

I was lying on the floor. It was warm, snug and comfortable. Mistress Lady Amalie von Stein sat on a chair in front of me and drank coffee, a wonderfully roasted arabica bean. The aroma rose to my nose and I knew I was about to taste it, refined by my beloved, adored goddess.

Mistress Amalie wore a transparent push up andI could see her beautiful nipples. A G-string adorned her hips and her aesthetic ladypussy. It barely managed to cover her glamorous, characterful and at the same time delicate labia. Lady Amalie got up and moved towards me with soft but determined steps. Her beautiful, strong and delicately veined feet sat like a glove in her stilettos. "Take my shoe off, servant T." my goddess said. With skillful movements of my fingers, I opened the buckle and carefully pulled off her delicate footwear. “Now we want to test your ability to take deep throat”. I knelt in front of my goddess, my tied up balls almost hanging on the floor. Mistress Amalie held her feet in front of my face. A bewitching smell rose into my nose. Beautiful, delicate, long toes made their way into my mouth; deeper and deeper! I licked myself in a rage. I cleaned and massaged every space between the toes with my tongue. "Now we're going to test your body control," I heard Mistress Amalie saying with a smug smile. Mistress Amalie put her foot in my mouth and moved it back and forth. She stimulated my uvula with her big, varnished toe. I was about to vomit, but I enjoyed to be deep throated by her divine foot in a good manner and with full devotion.

Now my mistress Amalie stood over me with her legs apart and smiled at me. “Are you ready my licking servant and toilet T?” I heard her say. “Yes, dear Goddess and Lady Amalie,” I replied. Lady Amalie sat on my mouth with an elegant movement. Before my lips touched her, she brushed her thong aside with an elegant swipe. I love that moment when she slides her thong aside to reveal her female sources. Now a stream of warm urine splashed into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. "Make sure you don't spill anything" I heard her nice but firm instruction. Of course, nothing was spilled. Now I was tasting the wonderful, refined arabica bean nectar. Strict, bitter, coffee-laden urine. I swallowed it for my Goddess Lady Amalie. Lady Amalie let herself be licked clean and approached my lips with her dreamlike lady rosette. She supported herself with her lower legs on my shoulders and with her delicate fingers on my chest. How wonderfully humiliating, I thought. Her rosette was now an inch away from my lips. I gently licked her sphincter. Fantastically nice to suck her slightly fluted Zimtstern.

Now Lady Amalie sat completely on my mouth. Second after second passed. I enclosed her anus warm and soft with my lips. I stroked her bottom, thighs and calves. What a beautiful body. As if born of marble, strong and feminine at the same time. The quadriceps of her thigh worked under my hands to maintain balance. Now I felt her rosette pulsing, she followed the peristalsis of her intestine. With every small opening, I pushed my tongue in a little deeper and let it circle in her bowel. Now the time had come, Lady Amalie sighed with relish. Her rosette opened automatically to give birth to her fruit. Her whole body was shaken by a pleasant shiver, tender goose bumps covered her thighs and her rosette freed itself from its itchy, lustful poop urge.

My mouth was wide open and my eyes were opened wide, like a shy animal. The caviar was greeted with relish from my lips. It foamed up slightly on my lips by sliding in and ceaselessly made its way into my mouth. Thank you, Goddess Amalie, that I was allowed to be your human toilet. 🤗

Your submissive admirer, gourmet, licking servant and toilet slave T.

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