For years slave "0" has been desperately wishing for nothing more but to be promoted from the job of a human toilet to a lust slave. Unfortunately, this promotion was postponed again.

Here a couple of lines to the slave confession of my slave "0"!

Slave "0" has been a slave candidate of mine for a couple years now. The name of the subject does not come from anywhere, he simply is a zero and has not even managed to receive a number in my slave stable! His path of suffering has already been long and difficult, which is why he wishes for nothing more desperately than to finally be freed from the hard work of the human toilet. In his momentary position he regularly has to endure scat and golden showers! Well yes, he has not been given the job of my living garbage can and lady’s restroom for no reason. The switch, asked for by the slave, to his so desired employment of the lust slave seems to me at times to be too big of a step for him. However, slave "0" is very willing to make an effort, which is why I again and again give him another chance to prove himself!

The shit house and human toilet slave "0" has fucked up again.

We were once again to meet for his promotion, this time in Zurich, everything was arranged and ready. In order to be there on time, I had already driven to Switzerland the day before, unfortunately traffic was disastrous and the ride dragged on due to the traffic jams on the German Autobahns. After finally having arrived at my favourite Swiss studio Salon Claudia in the evening, I had to first take care of my own wellbeing. Settle in, eat, take a shower, this of course will demand some time during which I most certainly am not going to stare at my phone. Well, exactly in that time slave "0" tried to contact me.

A little before midnight I looked at my phone to text the slave as agreed, only to see, wating for me, a litany of (partially very) indecent messages addressed to me! These messages have really angered me, especially since this piece should really know better. I do not want to be to detailed here, but in that very moment it was clear to me that slave "0" was surely not going to be promoted to a lust slave the following day!

Slave confession of slave "0"!

Dear Lady Amalie von Stein,
Very much hope you are doing well?
Over and over, I keep rewatching the videos from the last session.
I have to say that it was extremely cruel but absolutely more than just.
I did not deserve any better than to be completely shitted upon.
Never before has such a giant pile been dumped into my mouth. I really reached my limits.
Because the shit became thinner and spicier towards the end, it got even more difficult to take in everything and dispose it. But you did not know any mercy and kept pushing more and more after. I disposed a large amount like this but unfortunately not quite all. You sending me into the shower like that without coming was very hard but this as well was absolutely just. It was no longer about me and my pleasure, no it was only about punishing me justly.
I would like to thank you at this point for the just punishment and would like to apologize in all forms again that I made you this angry. I am very sorry to this day and hurt that I hurt you like that.
I will never forget this punishment; it has burned itself into my pathetic slave brain.
I wish you all the best, stay healthy and enjoy punishing your slaves the way they deserve it.
You are a wonderful, unique Lady, and I hope I will be allowed to count myself as one of your servants for a long time to come.
Very devoted greetings,
Your slave 0 😙