You can finally find your exclusive, personalized slave collar, with the ring of O, in Amalie von Stein's “Toys and More” webshop. Feel the special connection when you wear it!

Imagine a scenario, very real and vivid, in which obedience is celebrated and displayed through a slave collar worn around the neck of the submissive. Such a exclusive collar is now available from Amalie Von Stein's online toy shop . This could be a great and sparkling opportunity to have your slave's neck adorned with such a precious jewel. Maybe even to have the name of your only true mistress, or master engraved onto it. ... Can you already feel the excitement of getting a BDSM collar with the name of your master on it? Do you already feel like a human puppy? This is a unique experience that you can savor and enjoy for days when you wear your personalized slave collar, relish the prestige that goes with it.

If you feel a moment of boredom or lack of motivation, then just wear your personal BDSM collar, get on your knees and worship your goddess / master. Close your eyes in this position and feel the weight and warmth of the exquisite heels. Imagine these resting on your head while you lay on the floor like a doormat. 

The moment can come, when a leash is suddenly tied to the ring of O of your slave collar and you are being torn from your day dreams, realizing that you are completely at the mercy of your dominant! You should know that once can pull very hard on this slave collar of yours, this sometimes becomes necessary, especially if you are still a naughty slave which needs training. So be warned that your slave training could start right away with some leash walking practises!

Such a personal BDSM collar with an engraved name is of course also a sign of loyalty and if a slave is collared, he automatically becomes a loyal servant of the mistress or his master. He or she mentally submits to the wishes, whims and fantasies of the dominant partner and the collar reminds him or her of this particular bond between them throughout the duration of their special relationship! 

Order your BDSM collar today!

Handgefertigtes personalisiertes Sklavenhalsband von Metall Geyer zu verkaufen!
BDSM Halsband zu verkaufen im BDSM Online Shop von Amalie von Stein!
In cooperation with the well-known German manufacturer Metall Geyer !