Amalie von Stein as guest at SWR3 Podcast . Invited and interviewed by Sabrina Kemmer and Max Oehl from the podcast show “Doktorspiele - love, sex, relationship”.

In October 2018, Amalie von Stein met SWR3 presenter Sabrina Kemmer for the first time in a beautiful BDSM dungeon in a german town named Karlsruhe. Presenter Sabrina Kemmer made herself available for the "relationship show" of the radio. The episode was called “This is how a slave feels in the SM studio!”. She was a very brave submissive and tried with Amalie von Stein everything from the whip to a BDSM cage as well as nipple clamps. There's a great video about this episode from SWR3 on YouTube!

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On air in the show "Doctor Games - Love, Sex, Relationship"

The phone rang and SWR3 presenter Sabrina Kemmer was on the line! What a nice surprise especially since we had so much fun in the BDSM studio in Karlsruhe a couple of years ago! I was asked if I would be interested in an SWR3 interview for the podcast show “Doktorspiele - love, sex, relationship”. Of course, I am always happy to have the opportunity to speak in public about my work as a professional dominatrix and accepted the offer!

We arranged to meet a few weeks later in a beautiful place in nature, with a set of camping chairs, coffee and the SWR3 bus in the background. With a brilliant view from the mountains all the way to the city of Stuttgart, SWR3 presenter Sabrina Kemmer, SWR3 presenter Max Oehl and Amalie von Stein were ready for their coffee gossip.

The podcast online on Spotify, Apple Podcast, ARD Audiothek and of course on SWR. 3

It was a wonderful interview with countless questions about my job as a professional dominatrix and BDSM in general. The moderators Sabrina and Max could hardly be stopped and our interview flew by. At some point we noticed that we had spoken far too long for a podcast episode and it was quickly decided to make two episodes out of it 😉

If you are curious and would like to find out what exactly we talked about during the interview, you can find the podcast, part 1 and part 2 on Spotify, Apple Podcast, ARD Audiothek and of course on SWR.3, the link to the podcast is: html

Amalie von Stein bei SWR3 Podcast “Doktorspiele – Liebe, Sex, Beziehung“!

  • Monday, 08/23/2021 | Coffee party with a dominatrix - Part 1: The human toilet |
    from 6 p.m.
  • Monday, 08/30/2021 | Coffee party with a dominatrix - Part 2 | starting 6 o 'clock

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