This is my slave confession to my exalted mistress Amalie von Stein. I promise you that I will continue to work hard on myself, your subject, slave J.!

My noble mistress Amalie von Stein,

Every time I read your name on my screen, three feelings spring up in me:

1. Happy that my mistress sacrifices time for me, wretched creature.
2. Excited, whether I am up to the task that I am allowed to do for my mistress.
3. Afraid that I will not be able to live up to my mistress' expectations.

With every task my mistress gives me, I do my best to get it done. No matter if I watch a porn for my mistress while locked up in my chastity cage and my roommates are there. Singing a song for you while I pull out my anal chain of my little asshole or, for me the hardest thing, transformed as my mistress sissy bitch drinking your divine urine.

And yet it is often rightly not enough for your high standards. I noticed this in my (sometimes pitiful) attempts to perform the following training methods:
1. as an anal whore introduce different objects into my sissy hole (dildo in all sizes, vegetables in all sizes, my hands, anal chains, ...)
2. for CBT (cock and ball torture) training and hanging steel weights off my balls
3. be your human pet and as your puppy dog drink from a bowl

I will continue to grow to be worthy of your grace, my exalted mistress Amalie von Stein.

At your feet your servant and

slave J.

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