I was invited by the exceptional ‘Die Aufseherin’ (The Wardress) to visit the world renowned BDSM – prison ‘Das Zuchthaus’ from duks till dawn as Officer Amalie von Stein.

The ‘Zuchthaus’ is a BDSM prison you won’t find anywhere else.

Several times a year an event called ‘Das Zuchthaus’ takes place in the north of Germany. It is held inside an old former prison complex, whose original cells and the very history of those walls make this an unforgettable experience! The BDSM prison was brought to life by ‘Die Aufseherin’, a wardress, who knows exactly how to run her institution and who grants no mercy to her inmates.

Die Aufseherin erwartet ihre Häftlinge vor dem BDSM-Knast das Zuchthaus
'Die Aufseherin' in front of the BDSM-prison 'Das Zuchthaus'
Die Aufseherin und ihre Häftlinge des Zuchthauses
Various prisoners of the Zuchthaus.
Die Aufseherin beausichtigt einen Häftling in das Zuchthaus
One of the inmates supervised by 'Die Aufseherin'

‘Die Aufseherin’ of the ‘Zuchthaus’

‘Die Aufseherin’ has been a very well-known figure within the military and imprisonment scene for many years. She is practicing under various aliases, producing films, hosting events and BDSM sessions. One thing without a doubt is certain, ‘Die Aufseherin’ is exceptionally accomplished and consequent. Perhaps she may seem quite understanding to you at first glance, however the appearance of this very experienced Lady is deceiving. ‘Die Aufseherin’ does not tolerate any form of objection or disobedience and it can happen unexpectedly quickly that you might be degraded to her prison whore. She is famous for her unpredictability the inmates will come across with by getting to know their limits. This is achieved through various hard practices, that can vary from case to case from subtle and efficient tunnel games all the way to the juridical punishment.

Officer Amalie von Stein on a visit from dusk till dawn.

To enable yourself to have a unique insight into the ‘Zuchthaus’ you should watch the following clip. We are entering through the large gate, march across the prison court and vanish behind the thick walls of the BDSM Prison! One day behind the curtains with a couple of highlights that have sweetened my visit at the ‘Zuchthaus’ as Officer Amalie von Stein.

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Inmates contact the office!

You are guilty! It is time you accept the verdict and serve your sentence. There is only one way to receive a spot in the BDSM prison.

  1. You go to this page online: https://www.daszuchthaus.de/
  2. You will register on the page ‘Das Zuchthaus’
  3. Once you are registered you will gain access to the event and contact information.
  4. The secretary will contact you to check whether you are suited for a stay at the BDSM prison.

Officer Amalie von Stein in an interview with an inmate of the ‘Zuchthaus’

Have you ever wondered what it would be like, to be imprisoned? How would it feel if you had to endure the punitive measures? Is the BDSM prison really as hard as everybody makes it out to be? Officer Amalie von Stein has interviewed a cooperative inmate during one of her trips! Watch the video now and learn more:

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‘Das Zuchthaus’, stays during the pandemic.

In case you are not able to travel to Germany in order to serve your sentence, you can now already take a step to possibly be given a somewhat milder verdict. Meet ‘Die Aufseherin’ for your personal onlinepunishment! ‘Die Aufseherin’ will like to take care of your offenses and the resulting punitive measures. More information regarding this you can find on: http://daszuchthaus.tv

For prisoners at large – contact the ‘Zuchthaus’ now to see the prison form the inside! Applications directly at: sekretariat@daszuchthaus.de

Your Officer Amalie von Stein

Häftlinge in das Zuchthaus haben nichts zu lachen mit Offizierin Amalie von Stein
There isn't much to laugh for prisoners of 'Das Zuchthaus'.

Offizier Amalie von Stein im Zellen-Trakt das Zuchthaus
Officer Amalie von Stein in the cell section of 'Das Zuchthaus'.
Offizier Amalie von Stein bereit für Strafmassnahmen in das Zuchthaus
Punitive measures in the BDSM-prison.
Die Häftlinge im Bad von das Zuchthaus mit der Aufseherin
The prisoners are supervised in the bathroom of ‘Das Zuchthaus’.

Zeit um nach den Häftlingen zu schauen Amalie von Stein im BDSM-Knast das Zuchthaus
The inmates in the BDSM jail are checked.
Amalie von Stein steht vor dem BDSM-Knast das Zuchthaus
Amalie von Stein stands in front of the thick walls of the BDSM-prison.