Willkommen zu unserem zweiten Teil der Fetish Stories “Amalie von Stein im Reich von Lykria!”.  In dieser fiktiven Geschichte dreht sich diesmal alles um Füsse!

My writing slave R. sent me another erotic story today. Maybe next time we meet, I'll let some of his thoughts become true ...

Amalie had become the boss, the Director of Operations and it was a lucrative position, which not only gave her the authority to do as she pleased but also lots of riches. She decided to use this opportunity to advance her authority over the people that lived in her vicinity and enlarge her sphere of influence over the common submissive folks. She specifically enjoyed crushing the inflated egos of weak men who couldn’t help but boast about how good they were at everything but started groveling when under the immense authority of their one true Mistress, Mistress Amalie von Stein. Amalie was given an accommodation worthy of her position as the Director of Operations, it was a luxurious five floor apartment complex with the lower two floors to herself and the rest to rent out or use them as she pleased. This arrangement was part of an effort by the Lascent administration to pay their top officers as well as they could, so they continue working for the realm. Of course, it was a great way to enjoy the luxury, however Amalie was interested in more, as she always did. She was never satisfied with the things she possessed, she always strived to attain and conquer more, that’s how ambitious she was.

Having settled in her new swanky abode, she enforced strict rules in the house for her maids and tenants. The maids were to obey orders, irrespective of her presence within the house or not. She gave them written instructions to follow for weeks and they complied. If they even dared not comply, they were given appropriate punishments. It was all a matter of how authoritative she was and how she enforced rules in her domain, which was essentially her Queendom. One of the maids was instructed to bring her high heels on a tray, whenever she was getting ready for work. There were specific steps in place on which heels were to be worn on which day and they had to be shiny clean. On colder days, heels gave way to black leather high heel boots and the maid serving her had to remember by heart Amalie’s preferences and comply accordingly to her orders and wishes. In fact they were supposed to not only bring her heels in a tray, but also bend down at her feet, lift her feet into their arms gently all while looking down and only raise their eyes when she spoke to them. Or else, just wait at her feet for her command. Any insolence in this regard was punished by a thick whip or a cane, which she loved to flaunt and have at her disposal at most times, especially while dealing with her submissive maids, sissy or otherwise. After the maid had gently slipped the heels onto her feet, they needed to make sure that the heels were at least licked clean yet again and then dried by blowing dry air over them. This procedure had to be repeated every time Amalie had to leave for somewhere. The interesting bit is when she returned after a day of wearing those heels. The maid serving her had to take her heels out, give them a good sniff to inhale all the aroma of Amalie’s feet and shoes after she had worn them all day.

It was the fruit of her labour and her maid deserved it. After having smelt every nook and corner of those ripe, soft, fragrant, and lick-worthy heels, the maid was supposed to get down to the cleaning job. The heels to be licked clean, with as much salivating tongue action as possible. The saliva had to be dripping from the corners of the heel leather, it was supposed to clean the leather with a pool of drool. After giving the surface and the seams of the heel pumps, a bit of sucking on the pointy front of the heeled mules is another delight waiting in the wings for the deserving maid. Oh! Such a feeling of having that pointy part sucked right up in the mouth and keep sucking it like it was a ripe mango fruit and for sure it was much juicier. Once these steps are drawn and the maid’s apron is dripping wet with their own saliva, after a good thirty something minutes of licking, time is ripe for giving attention to the dirty soles of Amalie’s heels and why they shouldn't be. After all, she had worn the heels all day long on all kinds of floors, she may have stepped onto dirt, on wet soapy floors, on even dog poop, who knows and all that had to be cleaned up and mind you licked clean with the best a tongue cleaner could offer. This part had to be seriously meticulous as the dirty heels weren’t supposed to go back in the shoe closet without a proper licking of the sole. The sole was licked for a minimum of 30 minutes and on days when it was particularly dirty, even hours of licking were needed. The ultimate objective was always the same, the shoes had to be sparkly clean and Amalie had to be satisfied with her shoe maid’s service, if not not only were the shoe shine maids missing out on their dose of delight, they were also going to be punished for lack of servitude and insolence. It was their choice after all.

To be continued...

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