A slave has found his way to Casa Dolorosa. In this "kinky place for BDSM" he cleans up the guest room under the supervision of Mistress Amalie von Stein!

Amalie von Stein kontrolliert Sklave bei der Arbeit.
Amalie von Stein controls slave G.

Due to Covid 19, we all know that traveling has been a little difficult in the last few months. That's why I am always happy when a slave takes the trouble to come to serve me here at Casa Dolorosa - the kinky place for BDSM!

Slave G. arrives at the domicile of Mistress Amalie von Stein!

My "It" that I already knew has signed up for his labor service to support the mistress! As befits a good slave, he booked a flight and was picked up from the airport. "It" was kept in the cellar cell for almost a week and worked on the property of Casa Dolorosa during the day. To my utmost satisfaction, the outdoor area has been maintained and prepared so that the mistress can go barefoot around the house.
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Casa Dolorosa muss glänzen, das Fenster ist nicht sauber!
Sklave G. wird von Amalie von Stein mit Peitschen schlägen bestraft.

"It" cleans up the guest room at Casa Dolorosa!

Slave G. has had his probationary period a long time ago and can therefore also work unsupervised in my private domicile. But like every servant, "It" must be controlled and supervised by the mistress from time to time. When tidying up the guest room, I just stood next to "It" to check him while cleaning the windows! As expected, he earned 10 spankings because the window wasn't cleaned to my satisfaction! In order not to have to stand next to him all the time, I immediately took measures when cleaning the floor and let him work with a few nipple clamps. Except that "It" remembers to make an effort with the assigned work!

Der sissy slave und Haussklave macht seine Arbeit gut.
Amalie von Stein versüsst den Aufenthalt auf Casa Dolorosa.

A little insight into the realm of Amalie von Stein:
Here I grant you a little insight into my bizarre world.

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