My most intimate thoughts after one of my training sessions to my adored mistress Amalie von Stein from her long-time slave and human toilet.

A few words in advance ...

About 4 years ago slave N. applied to me, he was looking for a mistress he could serve. I always don't take the first inquiries so seriously and wanted to see this slave N. first. 
It was one of those days when I was maybe a little moody because I had my period when slave N. came to me. 

A very well-groomed young man stood in front of me whose greatest concern was that I would train him to do perverse things that he might not be able to do. Yes, that would be tragic, I thought to myself, I can't stand it when slaves cannot bring themselves to do what I really want.

Since I had no desire for velvet gloves and wanted to test this slave applicant whether he deserved a place in my slave stable or not, I pushed my used tampon into his mouth to see how he reacts. 

Since then, slave N. has kept his place in my slave stable. After the first meeting, his position and training of becoming my perfect human toilet was clear to me. Despite this repulsive position of having to serve me as a garbage can, toilet, and foot cleaner, he still tries hard to make his mistress satisfied and happy and in no case embarrass her!

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Here are the lines from my long-time and wonderful slave N.

My mistress Amalie von Stein,

When I consider what you did to me, your slave this time, I shudder :
You instructed another of your slaves to masturbate on me. I definitely feel that totally against my nature and is not even arousing for me through the feeling of being humiliated!
You mistress just introduced it and pulled it off because you felt like it; ... but I don't think that I can take much more in that direction ...

Today's training was also very intense for your human toilet. Even now I am still ashamed to have to serve you in this way.  I am always grateful if at least no other dominatrix is around. The third filling of your human toilet was so intense, and it's so disgusting to have my complete mouth full of your shit while on top of it, llike a iceberg, there is still a huge pile of shit peeking out of my mouth.   
... and then again and again the annoying nettles on the most sensitive parts of the body. I noticed that you, Mistress Amalie von Stein, are using these plants on me more and more intensively and undamped; ... the associated pain that your slave has to endure is heavy. But that's what you are surely looking for!  


Die Herrin  thront auf ihrem Sklave und menschliche Toilette!
Slave and human toilet directly under the mistress!


The perverse plans of my mistress Amalie von Stein!

When you mentioned at the beginning of wanting to invite Mistress K. again, I had to think of the introductory ceremony that you had thought up at the time. I found it so humiliating: the doorbell rings; You let the strange mistress enter and I hear the clatter of your two high-heeled shoes, as well as a lively, relaxed conversation.
... while I, your slave, had to stand in a cage in the middle of the hallway. Completely naked, tied up and carrying a chastity device; knowing full well that my mistress would show me to the strange lady at some point. Due to this embarrassment even the fact of my upcoming concession of me to this lady could not distract me.
Since you intend to train your slave together with Mistress K. this time, I don't know what to expect. However, it will be rough for me, ... especially since this lady's shit has a very penetrating, abnormally bitter taste. 

When you mentioned today that you would have fun inviting several women at once, I felt ice cold. The fact that you want to deliver me to 3-4 dominatrixes at the same time means for me that I, including my owner, will be used by 5 mistresses as a human toilet. Whether your slave can take it and you won't embarrass my owner is written in the stars ... 


Even more “good ideas” from my mistress Amalie von Stein!

Your next "good" session idea will give me even more headaches: to be presented as a slave at a private party with ladies  who drink away their inhibitions with all kinds of alcoholic beverages. My situation is certainly very bad and degrading with the professional mistresses, but you want to expose me to additional ridicule by the presence of private ladies. I am even more humiliated when they giggle embarrassed at the sight of your slave and you show me off afterwards and degrade me for the amusement of these ladies.

... and in all cases: how and in what circumstances will you introduce your slave to the greeting? At some point I will actually sink completely into the ground under the amused, humiliating gaze of your guests ....

Now, after the ruined orgasm you gave me, I am sitting here with my pustule-covered, swollen sack and penis and am already afraid of what You will still be asked of me.
... Your announcement that you are getting older and that you are constantly evolving in your requirements has given me some fearful thoughts.

With very submissive greetings,

your human toilet and slave N. 


Herrin  Amalie von Stein mit ihrem Sklaven und menschlicher Toilette!
Amalie von Stein hovering over her slave toilet!

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