In the realm of Lykria, the fetish story tells of a young woman named Amalie von Stein and her striving for power on planet A and planet B!

My writing slave R. sent me another erotic story today. Maybe next time we meet, I'll let some of his thoughts become true ...

Lykria had seen many upheavals in the last century. None so much though as the current one. Far more people now begged on the streets, many couldn’t find a meal a day, let alone any shelter in the cold nights. Administration of the consortium of Lykria was not upto the task either. Everything seemed to be getting out of hand. The treasures of the consortium running dry, the tensions in the outer realms causing increased spending on fortifications and on protecting the guardianship from foreign threats. However, this wasn’t going well with the residents of Lykria, not on planet A, nor on the other planets. Planet A was named so due to the fact that it houses the capital of Lykria, a bustling city of millions called Lascent. Common folks from the realm who wished to accomplish something better in their lives wished to move to Lascent and start afresh in their lives. Amalie was one such hopeful. She moved to Lascent at a friend’s suggestion to pursue her skills in accounting in the official headquarters of the treasury at Lascent. Indeed she was very good, but the dense job market dictated that she had to know someone from the inside, a reference that could bring her into the fold.

It was a very cold winter day. The rains were so furious this year, one had to shed some thoughts for the homeless folks. It was a dire time and Amalie knew that. She didn’t want this fate to fall upon her. Somehow through her persuasive powers, cunning nature and knowledge about the world of accounting, she managed to have a meeting with the head of operations at the headquarters of the administration of Lascent treasury. She had her meeting in the morning, so she was prepared, dressed to the nines, in her best fitting leather dress and gorgeous high heels. She always liked to dress in a very dominating way, the times were rough and she loved to be the one in the room that had all the attention. Her leather and heels always drew attention from everyone. She knew that they all wanted to submit to her in privacy but she also wanted them to do it publicly. She arrived at the meeting in a building that looked quite bizarre, it was like a fort, but made out of special alloys and glass fibers. She knew she would have little time to make an impression and so she had to grab this opportunity with both hands.

She went and knocked on the door she knew the head of operations was seated in. She heard a voice calling her in, the man seemed middle-aged, nicely dressed himself and stood up to shake hands with her. She effortlessly channeled her energies, shook hands and sat herself down on the chair without even being asked for it. She knew she had to show dominance and it came all so naturally to her even though she was the one who was looking for a job. The man seemed a bit surprised by this confidence from Amalie. It seemed as though he was the interviewee and not the interviewer. He greeted her a gentle good morning and asked her about her skills and what role she envisioned herself doing at the office. Amalie looked straight into his eyes, took a deep dismissive breath and told him that she would like to be his boss as clearly she was better and would do it much better than him. She continued that as she was young and the treasury and the kingdom was in disarray, it is only fair that some heads needed to change and someone from the far-off reaches of the realm was best suited to be given the charge of things. Amalie seemed relentless in her persuasion. The man seemed nervous at what she had just said. He said that he didn’t think that Amalie was after such a big position and taking charge but whatever she had said was absolutely correct and something needed to be done otherwise there would be no treasury left in the future.

After a round of back and forth deliberations and Amalie demonstrating her prowess and skills, it was clear that the head of operations was impressed by her. He knew he already wanted to work under her. But the specifics and how this would all be arranged was what he wondered. Amalie made it easy for him, saying that she could suggest a way in which the present state of affairs could be altered and the head of operations could still have his job title. Her suggestion was for her to be made the Director of Operations, a position that the head had to answer to and a position that the guardians and the emperor had no power over. Basically this was a position that had all the executive power in reality and everyone else in the treasury was her pawn. She didn’t give a choice, her words made it seem like an order. The man had no choice but to bow his head and accept whatever Amalie was saying. While, she stood up victoriously and swung on her heels to leave. The man with his head still bowed down asked what he should be filling in the column of the last name for Miss Amalie. Amalie smiled and said make it Mistress Amalie Von Stein.

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