Searching for this special gift? Bronze vulvae make a very special piece of jewelry. Absolutely unique and made by hand, they make a wonderfully personal gift!

I was lucky enough to get to know this great and incredibly likeable person and artist during the Passion Messe in Hamburg 2019! If you are interested in the bdsm fair, here is the link to the Passion Fair, which is really worth a visit:
As I strolled through the fair and passed the Bronze Vulven booth, which was filled with these beautiful bronze works of art and jewelry I just had to stop. These unique vulvas in a wide variety of materials just left me amazed! That's how I got to know the artist behind it and I got the chance to interview the manufacturer!

Ein Beispiel einer bronze Vulva
One of many different Bronze Vulven!

"You who smell so sweet to me"

“This is how a poem by Rilke begins and describes as a wonderful expression what inspired me to do this work. Because like a flower the shape of a yoni appears to me again and again, like petals the lips, which open with the right touch and give off the appropriate scent. " Says Werner the artist of Bronze Vulven.

Erfahre nun mehr in diesem Interview über den Künstler Werner und seine Yoni Schmuck  Unikate!

Amalie von Stein: "How did you come to make bronze vulva and vulva jewelry?"

Werner of Bronze Vulven: “I am enthusiastic about the variety of shapes and the beauty of the female sex. I would like to share this enthusiasm. In this way, my passion for sculpture and the preoccupation with tantric massage are combined in these works.
By looking at photos in the tantric massage training and the real massage, I got to know this amazing variety of forms. I let myself be inspired by the beauty.
A beauty far removed from the ideas that some might have - narrow, pink, symmetrical, cute.
I want to show what the vulva is like and yet I take the liberty to simplify it or to abstract. I emphasize certain lines that seem particularly meaningful to me and emphasize shapes or neglect others. This is how images of Yonis are created. With these I use the original as a guide, but the vulva will also bear my handwriting and reflect my artistic expression and my feelings.

Die wunderschönen Formen der unterschiedlichen Vulvas.
Vulvae have beautiful, indistinguishable shapes!
So sieht ein bronze Abbild einer Yoni aus.
This is how images of Yonis are created
Vulven haben erstaunliche Formen- Vielfalt  sagt Werner der Hersteller dieser Schmuckstücke
Vulvae have an amazing variety of shapes

Amalie von Stein: “How does the production of your work of art look like? Do the ladies lie naked on a table in front of you?

Werner of Bronze Vulven: “In my work I start with photos. Which were recorded with roughly the same lighting and from the same angle. For this I first make a model in clay and then I cast it in plaster of paris. Only then do I work on the plaster model that has emerged from it. I have this finished plaster model cast as a raw casting by the bronze caster.
I then give the raw casting the final shape of the vulva by grinding and polishing it.
The finished bronze work of art is then placed on 2 multiplex plates, which are covered with black painted canvas and are screwed onto it. "

Amalie von Stein: "What materials do you use to form the unique items?"

Werner of Bronze Vulven: “This is done either in bronze, but it is also possible in other materials such as in plaster of paris or polymer marble. Other colors or patinas are then also possible.

Amalie von Stein: “I think your bronze vulva is a great gift idea! Would you like to share something else with our readers? "

Werner von Bronze Vulven: “Thank you Amalie von Stein and yes, I would like to say that I am very happy to answer any questions or suggestions! My website is:
If you are looking for an individual gift for your loved one, I would also be happy to carry out such work as a commissioned work. And recently you can also go to Amalie von Stein's online shop to order and with your consent Amalie von Stein will get us in contact with each other so that we can create for you your very own personal gift! "

So last but not least here is the unique video with the unique artist who makes these very special pieces of jewelry! Yours Amalie von Stein

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