Willkommen zu Casa Dolorosa! Mit Infos zum Thema Langzeiterzeihung, Rollenspiel sowie Gefägnisspielen und mehr zur Ankunft eines neuen Sklavens auf meiner Sklaven Farm!


In diesem Blog Artikel über Langzeiterziehung und Sklaven möchte ich gerne eine erste kleine Einführung zu Casa Dolorosa geben.
I recently started residing on an island in the middle of the Atlantic. Here I rule over a small realm in which I train slaves while they are with me. See also blog article: https://amalie-von-stein.com/2021/01/07/diene-wahrend-deines-sklaven-urlaubs-als-24-7-sklave-im-bdsm-knast/


Introduction to long-term training.


Long-term training, role-playing games, prison games, etc. have a very special appeal for many people. To submit for a certain or also uncertain time, to subordinate yourself and to give up this feeling of all responsibility. From the moment when one begins, every step is observed and corrected with various training measures.
A tunnel game for every slave who likes to deliver himself completely for hours, days, weeks and more!

Eine Zelle auf Casa Amalie von Stein zur Langzeiterziehung der Sklaven!
A cell for long-term education!


Hier auf Casa Dolorosa habe ich ein kleines Reich erschaffen welches ich genau für solche Spiele nutzen möchte.
Ein kleines Intro zu dem Thema Langzeiterziehung und einen kleinen Einblick in Casa Dolorosa habe ich auf meinem YouTube Kanal für dich veröffentlicht.

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The arrival of a new slave!

Of course I don't want to withhold anything from you and the YouTube clip was just a little teaser on the subject of long-term education. I went one step further and filmed the arrival of a new slave for my exclusive members!

The slave was picked up from the hotel by me and my chauffeur and driven with a mask to Casa Amalie von Stein. The clip that is available for my exclusive members shows the moment we drive into the driveway, park and the slave is pulled out of the car by me.

From here the slave proceeds ... one step after another to the cellar cell that is ready for the new slave.
In the slave's cell, I clearly explain the following rules to him.
What he is allowed to keep in the cell. How I want to find the cell every morning. How to use the utensils of the cell such as the pee bucket and much more.

You can find the whole clip on my Patreon page under: www.patreon.com/FetishMatters


Ankunft in der Casa Amalie von Stein für Langzeiterziehung eines neuen Sklavens!
Amalie von Stein leads a new slave into her kingdom!

Thoughts of the New Slave!

I leave the cell and give the new slave a few minutes. I think about what goes through the mind of the slave when he suddenly sits in the cell with bars in front of the window!

Steps can be heard again from the mistress's heels, they come closer, closer and closer and suddenly the cellar door is unlocked again and Mistress Amalie von Stein stands in front of you!

Your Amalie von Stein