A poem to my mistress Amalie von Stein from her locked slave L. who hopes to be released from the chastity cage by his keyholder after these chosen words.

Your Highness, Amalie von Stein,
The debt is huge, the debt is mine.
I promised you a gift of shoes
In my head your words were woes
Make sure the delivery is fine.

The delivery never arrived with you.
I promised „it’s been sent, it’s true“
The time went by, the flight was ready,
The present was way too steady.
You thought: what that guy is of a poo.

Now I kneel in front of you in pain
And beg you for a little gain
Of a small breaks gratitude
Of breaking in my attitude.
From my begging you shall not refrain.

Your in chastity locked up slave L.



Amalie von Stein your keyholder: https://amalie-von-stein.com/en/shop/online-appointment-message/