Have you ever wondered what latex fetishism is? What does it mean to be a rubber fetishist? Here is some interesting information about latex fetishism!

What does fetishism mean?

The term fetishism denotes various, not just sexual, content. Mention should be made of fetishism as part of the worship or deification of certain objects. Many latex designers and fetish shops offer latex clothing such as catsuits and elegant outfits. Accordingly, these manufacturers also deal with sexual fetishism.

In sexual fetishism, an inanimate object is used as a stimulus for sexual arousal and satisfaction. This can be, for example, underwear, certain shoes, masks, silk stockings or shackles. Certain materials, such as lacquer, leather, latex or velvet are also popular fetishes. They feel special on the skin and often have their own scent. However, fetishes can also only refer to certain parts of the body, such as the feet or breasts. Many things but also everyday objects exert this special charm on some people.

Latex fetishism, or rubber fetishism is a variant of sexual fetishism. Here latex clothing and other rubber objects serve as a fetish. The material is worn on bare skin; this creates a feeling of a second skin which rubber lovers enjoy.
At the same time, the latex is firm and yet flexible. The smell is also an erotic moment for many wearers and conveys an erotic base mood when they are put on. The skin becomes extremely sensitive through the latex layer and every touch is passed on more intensely. At the same time, depending on the cut and shape, latex can give the wearer something submissive or unapproachable.
Many of the latex fetishists also enjoy the feeling of sweat trapped under the mterial. After a short time, the wearer is covered by an even layer of sweat under the latex.
Attraction to latex can be magical and the sheen of the material, the smell and the typical noises are often components of latex fetishism.


Rubber Fetischism, Latex Fetisch aber auch flüssig Latex kann ein Fetisch sein.
Liquid Latex – Photography

Fetish objects often used by rubber fetishists:

  • Rubber blankets
  • Rubber balloons
  • Inner tubes of rubber tires
  • Gas masks, latex masks
  • Rubber hot water bottles
  • Latex bedding
  • Butt plugs and latex dildos
  • Rubber gags
  • Latex body bag, or latex vacuum bed
  • and much more…

What does Heavy Rubber mean?

The term heavy rubber means that a body is completely covered with latex. Usually this is done by wearing several layers of rubber. This can e.g. be made with full rubber suits, latex gloves, latex booties, rubber shoes, latex masks, etc. Many heavy rubber lovers like to wear masks with breathing tubes or drinking tubes. With a strong expression of this fetish, the connection to the outside world only runs through tubes (full tubing). Electric cables are also used to which various toys can be connected.


Heavy Rubber, Amalie von Stein in multilayer latex!

What does rubber doll mean?

A rubber doll is someone who turns into a rubber doll by being completely enclosed in latex clothing and masks. A change of gender is possible with different suits, latex corsets and masks. Inflatable latex costumes are also used here to simulate breasts or other sexual organs made of latex.


How dangerous is wearing latex?

Depending on the outside temperature, the wearer can sweat more or less heavily under latex clothing. If too much water is lost, this can be dangerous as the body's own cooling system no longer works properly. The use of masks or the like is also very dangerous if the oxygen supply is no longer guaranteed. The more extensive and heavier the equipment, the more caution is necessary.


How is clothing latex made?

The latex is obtained from the milk sap of the rubber tree. This is further processed into rubber through smoking and rolling and then processed into a stable material through vulcanization. There are various latex manufacturers around the world, but three major latex producers are primarily known.

Latex clothing should correctly be called rubber clothing, because various substances are called latex. Rubber is called the end product we know.


Colors, shapes, thicknesses and processing of latex clothing

The classic fetish color is black. Since latex is initially transparent, it can be colored in any other color. Various metallic colors and patterns are now on the way. Latex is also available in different thicknesses and can only be sewn with special sewing machines. Therefore, the garment is usually additionally glued along the seams.

The care of rubber.

Latex requires regular care and proper handling. Washing after wearing with special latex detergents and then drying is important.
Die Meinungen teilen sich über die Pflegemittel zur Aufbewahrung und zum tragen des geliebten Materials.  Manche mögen ihr Gummi in gepudertem andere in eingeöltem Zustand.
Latex oil is used for the professional treatment of rubber, latex and plastic materials. 100% pure silicone oil is used, this maintains and seals, whereby the treated surface is given a high-gloss look.

The use of silicone oil enables:

  • Trouble-free putting on of rubber and latex clothing.
  • Serves for the care and shine of latex, rubber and artificial leather
  • Offers excellent sliding and separating properties
  • Used to protect against external influences and their soiling
  • Prevents unwanted friction and noise

The latex powder serves as a donning aid & storage for latex and rubber clothing if you are not into donning aids made of oil or silicone. If you want to slide into latex like a snake then use talc powder, it

  • Allows easy donning of rubber and latex clothing
  • If specially developed for latex, it immediately bonds to its structure
  • Makes it easy to put on
  • Excellent for long-term storage


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 Latex Fetischismus und Rubber Fetischismus ein sehr schöner Fetisch!
Beautiful latex outfit from Demask.